Watching TV series , film , The rich expression of some characters in animation , I think your first reaction was to record this video , Then make it into a funny dynamic expression bag , The article I wrote today is to teach you how to turn video into GIF, In fact, the whole process is relatively simple , The main need to have a heart of good software applications , For example, I use it fast GIF Production tools , As long as you carefully read this article, all the steps are also able to learn .

   usage method
   One , First we download GIF Production software , With it, you can make it GIF The expression is covered , It is suggested that downloading from the official website is safe and reliable .

   Two , Then we open the downloaded package , Install , Click Install now , You can install it . However, I suggest you install it GIF Before making software , The following table of contents should be replaced , Because the default is to install the c Disk system disk , We suggest that you change to d disc , Specific replacement steps , custom installation , Then browse to start changing directories .

   Three , When the software is installed, we open it , Then we'll get our video material ready . Then click start GIF editor

   Four , Drag the video material into the software , Aim at the center rectangle blank area and drag it in .

   Five , After the video is dragged into the software , It will be transformed into GIF, At this point, we can continue to edit these pictures , beautify , And decoration . The specific functions are shown on the panel shown in the figure , Insert watermark , written words , Hand painted , Modify Clip image size and other functions .

   Six , When these pictures are edited , Let's export it , Click export GIF, Then set the file type to GIF, Then we edit and set its storage directory and file name , After setting , Click apply to export .

   Seven , last , Remember the folder we set up in the previous step , Open it , We'll find the one we've converted GIF The picture .