Three months to teach you to learn from scratch artificial intelligence + Deep learning essence practice course
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Course features :

Comprehensive planning : Covering the current mainstream of deep learning areas , Including image recognition , image detection , natural language processing ,GAN, Distributed training framework and so on . Master every

One skill can take a step forward in the field .

Highlight the key points : Abandon the tedious mathematical proof , Everything starts from reality , Highlight key points , Master key knowledge in a short time .

Practical exercises : The course contains several practical cases , And combined with the actual project experience to teach you how to do deep learning projects in the enterprise

Syllabus :
Chapter one : What is artificial intelligence
Chapter two : Introduction to deep learning
Chapter three : Traditional neural network and understanding of parameters
Chapter four : Forward propagation and backward propagation
Chapter five : Self coding Autocoder Principle and application of
Chapter six : Classical convolution neural network and image classification
Chapter 7 : Principle and application of target detection algorithm
Chapter 8 : Transfer learning
Chapter 9 : Recurrent neural network RNN
Chapter 10 : natural language processing
Chapter 11 : Unsupervised learning : Countermeasure network GAN
Chapter 12 : High performance computing for deep learning
Chapter 13 : Practical project exercise
1, example : Classic cases of user clustering and preference prediction
2, example : Automatic creation of ancient poetry
3, example : Automatically create music