Tiktok: which software can free shake and micro video watermark? ?

In the post bar recommended video wallpaper, there are many people asked me to go to the watermark software which is easy to use , How to download multiple watermarked videos quickly , How to download video without watermark and so on , Because usually in each video platform for users to find some suitable for wallpaper video , So watermark has always been a big problem for me .

Need to be used to do mobile phone wallpaper video of course can not have watermark , After all, it affects the visual experience , Baidu also has a lot to watermark tutorial , But what ps Everything is too complicated , Today I would like to recommend a very fast to watermark mobile phone software , It's really convenient .
Tiktok can not only shake the video. , Now it's a hot squint , Kwai Fu , Volcano small video watermark can use this software to watermark .

De watermarking method :
1, Copy links in tiktok

2, Open the watermark software we talked about today “ Flying Fox Video Downloader ”, You can download it from Baidu , If you don't use it , You can also go online to watermark on their official website :

3, Paste copied links , You can download the video to do dynamic wallpaper ~ Very convenient

4, You can download multiple videos in bulk , Watermarks are really fast , The only bad thing is that there must be a link to the original video , Therefore, it is only applicable to the original video link video watermarking .