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rpc.mountd(8) System Manager's Manual rpc.mountd(8) NAME rpc.mountd - NFS
mount Daemon SYNOPSIS/usr/sbin/rpc.mountd [options] DESCRIPTION
rpc.mountd Daemons for implementationNFS Server sideNFS MOUNT Agreement.
NFS The server will maintain aNFS Table of the local physical file system accessed by the client. Each file system in the table is called Exported file system, Or export item for short.
Each file system in the export table has a separate access control list(acl).rpc.mountd Use theseacl To decideNFS Client
Whether to allow access to the corresponding file system. About how to manageNFS Export table of server, See alsoexport(5) andexportfs(8) Of man File. Mounting
exported NFS File Systems NFS MOUNT The protocol consists of several processes. The main thing isMNT(mount an
export) andUMNT(unmount an export). MNT The request has two parameters: An explicit parameter, It contains the path to the root of the exported item to be mounted, There is also an implicit parameter,
It means thatMNT Request sender'sIP address. WhenNFS Sent by clientMNT When the request is received,rpc.mountd Check pathnames and sender'sIP address, If
The sender is allowed to access the requested export item,rpc.mountd Will return aNFS File handle to client.
The client can then use the root file handle,NFS The file lookup request for can also be traversed in the directory structure of the exported item. The rmtab File
wheneverMNT Request successful( The export item is successfully mounted),rpc.mountd All will be directed towards/var/lib/nfs/rmtab Write a message in the file.
When received fromNFS Client sideUMNT Request time,rpc.mountd Will simply/var/lib/nfs/rmtab Remove corresponding in file Corresponding item.
Client can useshowmount(8) Command detectionNFS List of file systems exported by the server, Or list other clients of the server End mounted export file system.showmount(8
) Used isNFS MOUNT Another program in the agreement, It is used to output that the server has About exported file systems. But pay attention to,/var/lib/nfs/
rmtab The content of the document is not necessarily accurate. Even when callingUMNT after, Client may still continue Access export items. If the client does not sendUMNT The request is restarted,/var/lib/nfs/
rmtab The corresponding items in will remain, But already Invalid expiration date. OPTIONS-d kind or --debug kind Turn on debugging function. Effectivekind The value is:all,
auth, call, general andparse.-F or --foreground sendrpc.mountd Run in front desk. -f export-file
or --exports-file export-file This option specifiesexports file, And list all the client objects and their correspondingmount option( seeexports(
5)). Defaultexports File for/etc/exports. -h or --help Output command usage. -o num or --descriptors
num Set the maximum number of file descriptors that can be opened.-N mountd-version or --no-nfs-version mountd-version
This option allowsrpc.mount Not to specific versions ofNFS Provide services.-n or --no-tcp Not formount Send outtcp Radio broadcast. -p num or -P num
or --port num Specified forRPC Port number of listening socket. If this option is not specified,rpc.mountd Will try to/etc/services Gain in
take, If successful, All listening socket settings are set to this port, Otherwise, select one for each listening socket Random temporary port WhenNFS
MOUNT When the request has to go through the firewall, You can use this option to adjustrpc.mountd Listening port for.-H prog or --ha-callout prog
Specify a highly available calling program(callout program). The program will receive allMOUNT andUNMOUNT Arousal of request.
This makesrpc.mountd Can be used for high availabilityNFS(HA-NFS) Environmental Science. This call up program uses4 Parameters to run. The first parameter ismount orunmount Causes of arousal(The
first ismount or unmount depending on the reason for the
callout). The second parameter is runningmount Client Name. The third parameter is the export path the client is mounting. The fourth parameter is the concurrency of the client with the pathmount number(The
last is the umber of concurrent mounts that we believe the client has of that
path ). staykernel2.6 And later versions do not need to specify the calling program. Instead, takeNFS The file system is mounted on the /proc/fs/nfsd upper. -s,
--state-directory-path directory Specified placementrpc.statd Directory of status information. If this option is not specified, The default path is/var/lib/
nfs.-r, --reverse-lookup
rpc.mountd Will trackrmtab In fileIP address. When aDUMP request( For example, a user runsshowmount-a)
Time, Default will returnIP Address instead of hostname. This option enablesrpc.mountd Backward analysisIP Address is the host name and returns. Enabling this option can significantly degrade performance in some environments.-t N or
--num-threads=N or --num-threads N This option specifiesrpc.mountd
spawn Threads out. Default is1 Thread, Generally enough. Only inNFS Within seconds Hundreds of them need to be processedNFS
mount When requesting storm, orDNS When the parsing service is slow or even unreachable, To make With more threads.-u or --no-udp Forbidmount Send outUDP Radio broadcast. -V
version or --nfs-version version
Appointrpc.mountd Can be a specific version ofNFS Provide services. Current version ofrpc.mountd SupportNFSv2 All versions above book.-v or --version
outputrpc.mountd Version information of and exit.-g or --manage-gids
Receive requests from the kernel, To use access control lists, takeuid Mapping togid List. Normally,NFS In request
Contains aUID andGID list. BecauseNFS Limitation of agreement,GID You can only have at most in the list16 individualGID. If used"-g"
option, Received from the clientgid The list will begid List replacement, Server sidegid The list is through the appropriate Generated by. Be careful, maingid(primary
gid) Will not change. TCP_WRAPPERS SUPPORT have access totcp_wrapper Library oriptables To protectrpc.mountd Monitoring.
Be careful,tcp_wrapper Only supportIPv4 Network. Just to/etc/
hosts.allow Add inNFS Opposite end( Request this endrpc.mountd Run accessed) The host name of, even ifrpc.mountd
The program name of is notmountd, Also usemountd As name. When the host name used in the access control file cannot be resolved toIP Address time, The hostname will be forced to be ignored. For more information, seetcpd(8) and
hosts_access(5) Ofman File. IPv6 and TI-RPC support TI-RPC is a pre-requisite for
supporting NFS on IPv6. If TI-RPC support is built into rpc.mountd, it attempts
to start listeners on net work transports marked'visible' in /etc/netconfig.As
long as at least one network transport listener starts successfully, rpc.mountd
will operate. FILES/etc/exports input file for exportfs,listing exports,export
options,and access control lists/var/lib/nfs/rmtab table of clients accessing
server's exports SEE ALSO exportfs(8), exports(5), showmount(8), rpc.nfsd(8),
rpc.rquotad(8), nfs(5), tcpd(8), hosts_access(5), iptables(8), netconfig(5) RFC
1094 - "NFS: Network File System Protocol Specification" RFC 1813 - "NFS
Version 3 Protocol Specification" AUTHOR Olaf Kirch, H. J. Lu, G. Allan Morris
III, and a host of others.31 Dec 2009 rpc.mountd(8)
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