Taobao stores should learn how to choose products , There are many ways to choose goods , Can commodities match Taobao market , It's a very important thing , If it is well matched, you can take fewer detours , The match is not good , Then you get half the result with twice the effort , So Taobao shop how to analyze the market selection ?

   One , Analysis with Taobao data , For example, we chose Chiffon Dress category , And then we're going back to Taobao , Search for Chiffon Dress , be careful , Mobile phone traffic is much larger than the computer , So search with your mobile phone . Sort by popularity , Before extraction 100 Price of famous baby ( It includes buy it now price and sold price ), Transaction number and other data . Analysis of that range of prices is the most precious , Best selling , What kind of discount do other businesses offer . After analysis, you will know what price you are selling , How much discount do you want to give to attract the most people .

   Two , Looking for products on Alibaba : According to the above analysis , You go to Ali and find the best baby , One of the things to note here is quality , Although Taobao opened a shop to make money , But it's not that the more profitable the product, the more money you make , We should pay attention to the quality of the goods , It means that you should not sell the goods with too low price to the price you set , I feel as long as there is a little profit margin , Quality is still the most important thing .

   Three , photograph , Complete the product details page : Although many businesses on Ali will provide pictures of products , But the same picture , The buyer knows , There will be no desire to buy , So it's suggested to take photos by yourself , Then according to the previous find the top 10 similar products to do the details page . You can find their common strengths , That detail page is a little bit worse .

   Four , Improve baby's popularity : As a newcomer , newly opened store , What about new products , There are very few opportunities for buyers to see you , Even if you see it, no one will buy it , Buyers will back down more or less . Therefore, the manual intervention baby sales , Collection, purchase and praise with words , Taobao buyers show and so on are necessary , I won't go into details here .

Analysis of Taobao store market

   Five , How to choose : We open Taobao home page , The home page of those colorful text links and dazzling pictures , You can't start , Don't worry , We can care about nothing , Just look at the two screen classified layout . These categories are the best-selling categories on Taobao , That is what we call product variety . Suppose we want to sell women's wear , First of all, we need to see if the classification of women's clothing appears in this position . If it appears in the category page of two screens , We can consider opening a shop in Taobao to do women's wear . Matching categories is not enough , We have to subdivide it into two categories . Let's take a look at those secondary categories , Let me tell you , Can appear in the second level of text links are hot selling goods . Such as women's clothing in this secondary category “ down ”“ Dress ”“ woolen coat ”“T Shirt ”“ leather clothing ”
etc. , These varieties appear in the secondary classification . These goods are very popular in Taobao . If we can have these goods, we can sell them .

   Another strange phenomenon , namely “ Dress ”“T Shirt ” It's also very popular this season . If you also have dresses and T Shirt , You can also sell them in your shop . Let's move on to the secondary category , What happened to the scarlet letter ? as “ woolen coat ”. The scarlet letter says “ woolen coat ” In all secondary categories , It's the best product to sell , That's what we often say “ Hot money ”. If you also have a coat like this , This is the time to be alert , It's probably from your store “ Hot money ”.

   Some people may think that it's too easy to choose the money , Don't worry , Look at the search box at the top of the home page . Why use the search box to select products ? The reason is simple , Because visitors don't find what they want in the category page , They're going to search . The keywords these visitors search for , It's what they want to buy . Visitors usually come by search , The desire to buy is higher than the visitors who click on the text link and picture link , That's what we often call precision . Yes 65% Of the visitors entered the store through search , This can also pave the way for our store to attract traffic . Small search boxes are important , It can help us to choose the products that match the Taobao market , It can also bring us traffic .

   The story about the search box is amazing , Later, I will explain it in detail in the section of baby title . Let's pay attention to the keywords under the search box , These keywords are now users' favorite products . same , Red key words are popular keywords , as “ Down jacket hot sale ”, It tells us that the people who search now are most concerned about down jacket .   Some may ask , The product I want to sell doesn't appear in these keywords , What to do ? It's easy to do , You can see the “ more ”, Click is Taobao ranking , Where can I find the product keywords you care about . There's everything you're looking for “ Search hot ” and “ Search up ” key word . These keywords are now the most popular products , If your product matches these keywords , You can sell them in your store .

   Someone might have run to open a shop , I'll tell you the truth , It's not that simple , This is only the first step in the long march . We can also find the products we want to sell in Taobao ranking list , Look again “ Hot sales ” and " Sales are up ". Take a look at the products in these two pages , Let's look at the styles of these goods first , Let's look at the colors of these products , Finally, look at the prices of these goods .

   And then analyze it , Are our products in line with these popular styles , colour , Price matching . If our products sell well, they match , Then we are going to purchase and open a store . If we can find these products , Don't buy blindly , Blind purchase is sometimes very pitfall . We can look at the quality of the products first , See if the supplier's product quality is up to standard . You can also use Taobao products and suppliers to provide products for comparison , See if there's a difference . If there is no difference , You can consider purchasing . Before we decide to buy , Let's think about the price of the goods .

   Observe the Taobao price of similar commodities , Like the price of goods in the 50-65 The trend between the best . Now we have to think about it , Supplier's commodity price , We also sell them on Taobao 50-65 Between Yuan , Is there any profit margin . If there is a profit , We can consider purchasing , But don't rush in . Why not buy ? We also need to examine the production capacity of our suppliers .

   If the supplier does not have production capacity , Once our choice of goods in Taobao hot sale , Will lead to product out of stock , The consequences are terrible . If the supplier's production capacity is OK , We're about to consider signing a contract . Some friends may say , So much trouble , Open a small shop and sign a contract .

   Whether your store is big or small , We have to sign a contract , This will be good for the future development of your shop . If there is no contract , Once your store is successful , The supplier is likely to cut off your supply . Then they went to Taobao to open a shop by themselves , Because your store has already made a brand for them , At this time, it is easy for them to open their own stores . in addition , Your competitors are terrible, too , If they give better terms to suppliers , Suppliers will turn a blind eye .

   therefore , We need to make decisions before we make them , Sign a contract in your favor . Never underestimate yourself , If you told me today that I could do it offline , I'll suspect you're bragging . If you tell me tomorrow that Taobao can make hundreds of millions , I'm not surprised at all . So a good contract is very important . of course , Small seller sign personal contract is OK .

   last , It also depends on whether the goods we handle are convenient for mail order , If it is often damaged during express delivery , You will get bad reviews and complaints from consumers . Once you get a bad comment , Sales of your product will decline 72%( Official data of Taobao ), It's terrible .

   In case of complaint , Taobao is likely to close your store ,“ The consequences are serious ”, The preliminary work seems to be tedious and troublesome , But it's not so easy to do well , Do every step carefully , Will be closer and closer to your goal of doing a good shop , So it's very important to make a good selection !