There are many tiktok videos on the pitch. , It's a combination of pictures with background music and rich effects , The effect is very good . In fact, the method is very simple , Just use the right tools . Today, I will teach you all the skills of making high-quality pictures and videos , Maybe the next popular short video , It's from you !

My own common tool for making pictures and videos is the digital master , There are many special effects in it. They are very good ~ It's girly , Cool , Sense of science and technology, etc , So it can be applied to a variety of theme pictures and videos , Make wedding album , Graduation album , Baby photo album , Travel album and so on OK drop .

You can see the effect

1. Using digital Masters , Add multiple pictures at once

After opening digital master , Adding pictures can import more than one image at a time . If you want to name the picture or add some text , You can order it “ Change name / notes / Narrator ” Plus text .

2. Add dynamic and aesthetic effects to pictures

Want to make a hot picture video full of creativity , You have to add good-looking special effects . In the digital master can add some common switching effects , Can also increase the palpitation , Mapping bubble , Colorful falling flowers , It's going to feel very different . It's very tall feel~

The left bar switches to “ Photo effects ”, Select the special effects you like to add . The dynamic scene is at the bottom left of the interface “ When the photo is displayed ” In the drop-down box to activate , choice “ Dynamic scene ” There are so many special effects . choice “ Zoom lens ” It's going to push the picture forward or pull it away like a movie lens , It's very textured .

3. With the beautiful music is also very bonus

Music is also a bonus for pictures and videos ! You can find a good song according to your theme , And then add it to the video . The left bar switches to “ background music ”, click “ Add media file ” You can bring the music in . I've done some pictures and videos on the theme of graduation anniversary before , The music is 《 Youth Souvenir Book 》, Very infectious .

A beautiful picture video is finished . But if you want to create a very personal creative video , I'll also tell you about the secret of making ! It is recommended that you use love clip to add full score subtitles to pictures and videos , For example, the popular tiktok subtitles tutorial. , I've shared it before , You can look back on the right : How to do now super fire flash video ? quick tour ~

It's very easy to create creative subtitles :

1. Import the pictures and videos made in digital masters into love clips , Then double-click the video preview box , Just type in the text .

2. Check the added subtitle , Then one button for the subtitles to add a variety of styles of special effects .

You can take a look at the renderings :

Action is better than heart ~ Let's learn duck quickly !