The development of virtual currency, It has formed a large market scale, In the currency circle, many currencies are welcomed by investors for their stability. Which currencies are more promising, The editor lists5 Big virtual currency ranking currency, For investors to invest for reference.


Virtual currency5 Big currency ranking:


Number oneBITCOIN, Bitcoin. Bitcoin as the wind vane of virtual currency, Its position is recognized in the currency circle. No exaggeration, The rise and fall of bitcoin affect the nerves of investors, For example
Speed EuropeSPEEDXO On the extreme profit trade, Virtual currency transaction80% Investor choice“ high”, It can also be called bullish. Virtual currency is not only a currency, More like a symbol of the virtual currency world.


Proxime accessitRIPPLE xrp. Reborn is a kind of virtual currency, There are a lot of old players who know about the reborn, It's just a little strange to the novice. Self founderJED After launch, There are many fans in China, And in Europe, The United States and other regions also have great influence.


ThirdETHEREUM, Waifang is another milestone project after bitcoin, He pioneered the smart contract system, With a new concept of development and Application on virtual currency, Because of his expansibility, Be based onETH The application of network is emerging in an endless stream. Because the application is close to the earth atmosphere, thereforeETH The market value of.


Fourth placeLITECOIN, Wright coins. As a virtual currency in the early daysBTC Little brother of step, Because the launch time is earlier, Early player involvement, So the market price has been strong, But as the development trend of blockchain today, He has no advantage. Before being eliminated10 I think it's a matter of time.


Fifth placeMONERO, Monroe coin. This coin has a long history, Not much attention has been paid in the early days, But after the favor of the automatic dark net, the price of the currency has made rapid progress. Because of his encryption. What anonymity formal dark net needs. It also meets the needs of people using encrypted virtual currency.


In summary, Presumably, investors also have a certain understanding of the currency circle.