<> Thank you for your support CSDN Markdown editor , Every change and optimization , It's all about trying to make your writing experience better .

<> This time we updated the following :

* We reconstructed it MD Editor code , More stable than before , And faster ;
* Added save function ;
* Support drag and drop upload of pictures ;
* Support to upload pictures from the clipboard (Windows Not supported at the moment );
* Optimized summary function ;
* Optimized new articles ;
* Support the display of Avatar ;
* Better support for Chinese culture ;
* The editor can also be well displayed on the mobile phone ;
* The import and export functions of the toolbar are optimized ;
* Improved help tips ;
* The editor interface is better than before ;
* Solve the problem of packing font reference error ;
* The problem of editor data compatibility is solved ;
* Fixed previously accumulated Bug.
<> At the same time, we need to pay attention to the new version MD Editor syntax changes :

<> One , new edition MD Grammatical compliance CommonMark spec <http://spec.commonmark.org/> grammatical norm
<> Possible problems :
* markdown Nonstandard writing , as # title , A space should be added between the title and the text , Should be # title
* Code block syntax does not support default highlighting , Code type must be specified to highlight correctly .
<> Two , Some complicated formulas , The new editor has updated the plug-in for formula compilation KateX1
<https://blog.csdn.net/blogdevteam/article/details/82747121#fn1>, It may be used as before  Of
MathJax There are differences in grammar . If you encounter a formula that cannot be displayed , Please feed back to the blog front end for processing .

<> The new edition will automatically translate some of the contents edited by the old edition editor , Once the operation is saved , The data is irreversible .

as :

Sequence diagram And Flow chart syntax :
Old version sequence diagram :

New version of sequence diagram :

Old version flow chart :

New flow chart :

Directory identification
The old version is [TOC] The new edition is @[TOC]( Write the custom directory title here )

<> Three , On the use of code fragment highlighting

* grammar

* Code types are currently supported : markup2
* Code chip theme
The default theme is :Atom One Dark
You can go to Writing Center / Blog settings <https://mp.csdn.net/configure> Make changes in the code fragment style item
<> If you have any problems in using the new version , Please comment directly , In order to check and solve in time .

KATEX Official use documents : https://katex.org/docs/supported.html
<https://katex.org/docs/supported.html> ↩︎

Set to Markup Compatible support :html, xml, svg, mathml ↩︎