I need to publish a paper recently , My tutor asked me to insert some pictures in my paper , Among them, the relation diagram between tables in the previous database is designed , At first, I wanted to make a hand animation , And then it occurred to me , Right? Navicat Will it bring this function ? Take a closer look , Sure enough , So it began to turn upside down , Record here , It's also convenient for people in need .
1, open navicat in the future , Click to view

2, Check ER Chart

3, Then select the need to view E-R Relational database , Then you can see the corresponding ER It matters :

notes : If there is no connection between tables , Because there are no foreign keys designed between tables , So there's no correlation between the tables , If you want to see the connection between the tables , You can baidu :Navicat How to add a foreign key , Just follow the steps of others .