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1.MySQL/MariaDB Grammar and foundation

MySQL Basic grammar: andSQL Server On the differences of grammar
Data type explanation and storage mechanism <>( essence)
Built in function <>
variable <>
DML(1): Data insertion <>
DML(2): Data updating, delete <>
Usage of windowing function <>
Stored procedures and functions <>
cursor <>
Process control statement <>
trigger <>
Table expression(1): Derived table( To be supplemented) <>
Table expression(2):CTE( Common table expression) <>
Table expression(3): view <>


SQL Statement logic execution(MSSQL/MYSQL/MariaDB)
Analysis from the perspective of relationship model and setSQL Related grammar( Apply toMSSQL/MYSQL/MariaDB)
From the perspective of the disorder of set" order"( Apply toMSSQL/MYSQL/MariaDB)
MyISAM Storage engine read, Write priority <>
Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket
You must reset your password using ALTER USER statement before executing this
statement. <>

More articles to be continued...


2.MySQL/MariaDB Management section

MySQL,MariaDB Installation and multi instance configuration <>
User and rights management <>
lock <>
Transaction and transaction isolation level <>
Journal( One) <>
Journal( Two): Transaction log(redo log andundo log)
Backup and recovery( One):mysqldump Tool usage details <>
Backup and recovery( Two): Import, Export table data <>
Backup and recovery( Three):xtrabackup Detailed description of usage and principle <>
MySQL copy( One): Replication theory and configuration of traditional replication <>
MySQL copy( Two): Be based onGTID copy <>
MySQL copy( Three): Semisynchronous replication <>

Database performance test:sysbench would rather <>

show processlist Explain <>

More articles to be continued...


3.MySQL colony

MySQL Cluster structure description <>( Must see)
sharding: A library that everyone can read, Sub table, partition <>


3.1 MySQL High availability: Group replication,Galera

MySQL Group copy official manual translation.rar( download)

1.MySQL Highly available group replication(1): Introduction to group replication technology <>
2.MySQL Highly available group replication(2): Configure group replication for a single master model
3.MySQL Highly available group replication(3): Configure group replication for multi master models
4.MySQL Highly available group replication(4): A thorough analysis of group replication theory
5. translate:MySQL Limitations and limitations of group replication <>
6. translate: MonitorMySQL Group replication <>


MGR Article recommendation:

1.PXC quick get start: buildPXC <>


3.2 MySQL middleware:ProxySQL

Introduction to middleware:MySQL Router RealizationMySQL Separation of reading and writing

ProxySQL Chinese Manual( Translation of official documents).rar( download)

1.ProxySQL(1): Introduction and installation <>
2.ProxySQL(2): Separation of reading and writing <>
3.ProxySQL(3):Admin Management interface <>
4.ProxySQL(4): Multi tier configuration system <>
5.ProxySQL(5): thread, Thread pool, Connection pool <>
6.ProxySQL(6): Manage backend nodes <>
7.ProxySQL(7): Detailed routing rules <>
8.ProxySQL(8):SQL Rewriting rules for statements <>
9.ProxySQL(9): Query cache function <>
10.ProxySQL(10): Methodology of separation of reading and writing <>
11.ProxySQL(11): Chain rules( flagIN and flagOUT )
12.ProxySQL(12): Prohibit multipathing <>
13.ProxySQL(13):ProxySQL colony <>
15.ProxySQL(15):ProxySQL+ Group replication
The next one to be written
16.ProxySQL(16):ProxySQL Realizationsharding


4. My translation(39)

MySQL Group copy official manual translation <>
ProxySQL Chinese Manual( Translation of official documents) <>
MariaDB Official manual translation collection <>

More articles to be continued...