Big data has become the trend of the times , Many people choose to learn big data , Want to enter the big data industry . Big data technology system is huge , More knowledge is included , Systematic learning of big data can enable you to master big data skills in an all-round way . What knowledge do you need to master to learn big data ?
1, Learn big data first Java Basics

How to get a quick start to big data learning ? Learn a computer programming language before learning big data .Java It is the programming language foundation for big data learning , Because the development of big data is based on common high-level languages . And whether it's learning hadoop, Or data mining , All need programming language as the foundation . therefore , If you want to learn big data development , master Java The foundation is essential .
2, Learning big data requires learning core knowledge of big data

Hadoop ecosystem ;HDFS technology ;HBASE technology ;Sqoop Usage process ; Data warehouse tools HIVE; Big data offline analysis Spark,Python language ; Real time data analysis Storm; Message subscription and distribution system Kafka etc. .

If you compare big data to containers , So this container has infinite capacity , Everything can be put in it , Big data is inseparable from the Internet of things , Mobile Internet , Big data and artificial intelligence , Cloud computing and machine learning are inextricably related , Cloud computing is indispensable for high expansion of big data massive data storage , Traditional machine learning is used in big data computing and analysis , Data mining technology will be slow , Parallel computing and distributed computing need to be extended .
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3, Ability to learn big data

mathematical knowledge , Mathematical knowledge is the basic knowledge of data analysts . For data analysts , Learn something about descriptive statistics , Need to have a certain formula calculation ability , Understand common statistical model algorithm . For data mining engineers , All kinds of algorithms also need to be used skillfully , Mathematics is the most demanding .
programing language , For students who want to learn big data , At least one programming language is required , such as SQL,hadoop,hive query ,Python We can wait .
4, Learn the areas where big data can be applied

Big data technology can be applied in various fields , For example, public security big data , Traffic big data , Medical big data , Employment big data , Environmental big data , Image big data , Video big data and so on , It is widely used , Big data technology has penetrated into every aspect of life like air . The emergence of big data technology has brought the society into an era of rapid development , This is not only the ultimate goal of information technology , It is also the core technology driving force of intelligent management in the development of human society .
Therefore, it is suggested that students who want to learn big data , It's better to enroll in class , Can systematically learn big data theoretical knowledge , They will master big data skills more skillfully in combination with project practice .