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rpc.nfsd(8) System Manager's Manual rpc.nfsd(8) NAME rpc.nfsd - NFS Service process
SYNOPSIS/usr/sbin/rpc.nfsd [options] nproc DESCRIPTION
rpc.nfsd The program is implemented in the user space layerNFS service, The main functions arenfsd Kernel module to handle. User space program master
To specify which socket the kernel space layer service listens on, How many kernel threads are used. rpc.mountd Service provision ancillary services, Used for processingNFS Client sidemount request. OPTIONS-d
or --debug Open debug log. -H or --host hostname
By default,rpc.nfsd Will accept on all known network interface addressesNFS request, Use this option to specify a
Specific host name( orIP address), bringnfsd Only accept the host name( orIP) OfNFS request. Be carefullockd( provideNFS
Program of file lock service) Still accept requests on all known network interfaces, In the futureKernel May change. You can specify this option more than once, bringnfsd Monitoring is implemented on multiple interfacesnfs Multiple instances.
-p or --port port Appointnfsd Used for acceptanceNFS Requested listening port. defaultrpc.nfsd The listening port is2049. -r or --rdma
Specify all standardsRDMA port(nfsrdma, port20049) UpperNFS Request should be processed. ( translator's note:RDMA(Remote Direct Memory
Access) Can be almost unnecessarycpu Participation, Copy data directly Operation to specified address memory space on remote machine, Will replace traditionDMA Pattern)--rdma=port
Turn on a standby port to listenRDMA request- Port is/etc/services One of the items listed in. -N or --no-nfs-version vers
This option allowsrpc.nfsd Not to specific versions ofNFS Provide services. currentrpc.nfsd SupportiveNFS Version has2,3,4 And the latest Of4.1. -s or --syslog
By default,rpc.nfsd Error messages will be sent( If it's ondebug information, Also includedebug information) Record tostderr.
This option allowsrpc.nfsd Record information tosyslog in. Be careful, Error encountered while processing options, Still output tostderr.-T or --no-tcp
prohibitrpc.nfsd Receive client initiatedTCP Connect.-U or --no-udp prohibitrpc.nfsd Receive client initiatedUDP Connect. -V or --nfs-
version vers This option allowsrcp.nfsd To a specific versionNFS Provide services. currentrpc.nfsd SupportiveNFS Version has2,3,4 And the latest4.1. -L or
--lease-time seconds Set upNFSv4 Lease time for(lease-time). It means how long the client needs toserver End to confirm their status once.
The valid range is10-3600 second. -G or --grace-time seconds Set upNFSv4 Ofgrace-time
,NFSv2 andNFSv3 OfNLM. New file open request(NFSv4) And new file locks(NLM) In this paragraph
Period not allowed, Clients will not be able to recover until this period of time has passed, To continue to open a new file or apply for a file lock. nproc
AppointNFS Number of threads served. Only one thread is started by default, However, multiple threads should be specified to ensure optimal performance. Actual number
The quantity should depend onNFS The number of clients and the amount of load they bring, but8 One thread is a good starting point for the number of threads. Usenfsstat(8) Tools can test the impact of changing the number of threads.
IfNFS Service is running, Specifyhost,port,protocol Will be ignored, Only options that specify the number of threads will
Take effect, And will adjust( Increase or decrease) The current number of threads matches the specified value, In particular, specify0 Threads will stop All threads, And therefore closes all open connections.
( translator's note: In other wordsnproc Set as0 Can be used to kill safelynfsd process, stayCentOS 7 uppernfs.service And that's exactly what it did) NOTES If the
program is built with TI-RPC support, it will enable any protocol and address
family combinations that are marked visiblein the netconfig database. SEE ALSO
rpc.mountd(8), exports(5), exportfs(8), rpc.rquotad(8), nfsstat(8), netconfig(5
). AUTHOR Olaf Kirch, Bill Hawes, H. J. Lu, G. Allan Morris III, and a host of
others.20 Feb 2014 rpc.nfsd(8)
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