artificial intelligence , machine learning , neural network , Deep learning ,TensorFlow, Necessary books for image processing ( attach PDF Baidu disk download link )

In the study of artificial intelligence related knowledge, the meaning of related terms and the composition of knowledge principle are often not understood , The following books are the Allah lamp God Ding Jun after reading a large number of books think very good part , I would like to share it with you , For the convenience of learning . If the content link violates your rights and interests , Please contact to delete .

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<>1, machine learning Zhou Zhihua .pdf

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<>2, Recommendation System Practice .pdf

<>3,《 On natural language processing 》.pdf

<>4,《 computer vision : A modern method 》.pdf

<>5, Graphic machine learning .pdf

<>6,《 Decision knowledge automation 》.pdf

<>7,《 artificial intelligence : A modern method ( The first 3 edition )》.pdf

<>8,Python Data analysis and data mining .pdf

<>9, Introduction to machine learning .pdf

<>10, Machine intelligence oriented TensorFlow practice ( Intelligent system and Technology Series )_.pdf

<>11, image processing , Analysis and machine vision ( Third Edition ).pdf

<>12,TensorFlow actual combat _ Huang Wenjian ( complete ).pdf

<>13,Tensorflow actual combat Google Deep learning framework .pdf

<>14, Statistical learning methods .pdf

Author Li Hang , It is one of several masters in the field of machine learning in China , Once upon a time MSRA Senior researcher , Now Huawei Noah Ark Laboratory . Ten algorithms are written in the book , The introduction of each algorithm is very simple , Direct formula , It's out and out “ Dry book ”. The references at the end of each chapter also facilitate the children's shoes who want to deeply understand the algorithm to directly look up the classic papers ; This book can be read with the above two books .

<>15, The beauty of Mathematics .pdf

The author Wu Jun is very familiar to all of us . This paper describes the application of mathematics in machine learning and natural language processing .

<>16, Introduction to blockchain new economy .pdf

Recently, it is also in the beginning stage of learning , It's just a feeling “ Like the gate of marquis, as deep as the sea , From then on, integrity is a passer-by ”, I was dizzy , formula , concept , Gold stars float past ~~~…((/- -)/

The above e-books are basically high-definition version , I also have high quality requirements for e-books , The photocopies are rubbish , It's a silver mirror .

The field of artificial intelligence covers a wide range of knowledge : algorithm , Deep learning , machine learning , natural language processing , data structure ,Tensorflow,Python
, data mining , Search development , neural network , Visual metrics , image recognition , speech recognition , Recommendation system , System algorithm , Image algorithm , Data analysis , Probabilistic programming , Computer Mathematics , data warehouse , Key words such as modeling , It basically covers the talent structure of artificial intelligence subdivision field at this stage .