Jiang Bowen

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male | 22 year | 13803833736 | [email protected] |

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Operation and maintenance engineer | full-time | Hangzhou, Zhejiang | 8K-12K |

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Zhengzhou Institute of light industry | Network engineering

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operating system


Service application


Basic services




Virtualization \ container


monitor \ Automatic operation and maintenance tools


hands-on background

Zhengzhou xinsiqi Technology Co. Ltd

Project 1 : Construction of campus network of Zhongzhou university dormitory
Renovation of dormitory building of Zhongzhou University , At the same time, the campus network needs to be rebuilt .
• New network topology drawing
• Communicate with the person in charge of the project with the person in charge of the school
• Equipment deployment

Green onion times Network Technology Co. Ltd

Project 1 : Upgrade of picture cache system in Sinology Library
Due to the expansion of the company's business , The number of pictures has soared .Nginx The server is under too much pressure as a cache server , Difficult to support overall business requirements , So the whole
Image cache system upgrade .
• deploy Varnish As cache server , And the server memory expansion selection
• Configuration cache server cache policy and dynamic and static separation
• Analyze the traffic within three days for playback , And the image resource cache is preheated

Item 2 : Server environment transformation
Launch of new business , The library service server in the company needs to be provided by Httpd Move to Nginx.
• Nginx Server deployment and backend Tomcat Reverse proxy docking
• use mod_rewrite And mod_proxy For most domain names, go to Nginx The server