The contents of this page are all returned by myselfLinux It was sorted out. In these articles, Most command content is translation, Arrangementman orinfo Document summary, So it's relatively complete.
My writing style, The style may also make friends disgust at the sight of the fork at the top right corner, I can onlysay sorry. But I can say it with confidence, Many articles count
It's the principle of checking the defects( mechanism) In depth content, There are also many manual articles.
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I will try to write the whole system, New friends can regard it as learning materials, It's like reading a book. Although online training video is a good introduction, The knowledge points in the general direction are also complete, That's how I got started( Basically, I have watched two whole video courses of a brother and a child), But after reading it, I got started, When returning to the furnace for further study, But I found that these video courses lack a lot of content, Even say, After watching the video, you will miss a lot of very important knowledge points, But maybe I don't know what I missed( It's like learning1+
1 and1×1 Such knowledge, They don't know they're arithmetic), This is easy to cause knowledge points do not connect, Knowledge system is full of loopholes( I just watched the video companybash I can't understand the Chinese Manual, It's not how hard it is, It's because the knowledge points are scattered and not connected). When I was writing, Try to make the whole knowledge system complete, If you find something you don't know during reading, Term or noun, In the previous articles, you can basically turn to. For a single article, In order to make the article more fluent and complete, Even a lot of details or remote knowledge points take a lot of time to describe. Except for the first article on this page( Because it's too basic) And service articles, Most of the rest can be learned from the beginning to the depth.
in short, I hope to help beginners, Let these friends get as complete knowledge and as many principles as possible, To supplement the lack of knowledge caused by watching video. meanwhile, I wish I could do nothing to thoseIT Some encouragement from basic friends, Because I'm also a non academic, There's no basis for computers( I didn't know what a service was for a long time), It's also stupid.( Even after learning service, For a long time, I still don't know why it's called service), But three points are enough: persevere in his study, Keep taking notes, Stick to hands-on testing.( Three elements of others' success: Insist, Shame on you, Stick to it?)
I am a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder patient( Dead brains), Like to study the so-called realization mechanism and principle, When the implementation mechanism is involved, Or where there is doubt, Always find a way to clear your head( Remember the researchxargs Time, All over the Internet, there are only the most basic uses, A ruthless self exploration test, It took more than a week, It's not until the endxargs The most basic functions of the, It's a real heartbreak; Another time I found out,"mv
/tmp/a" Will fail, butwindows The inner and inner directories can overwrite the outer directories with the same name, To understand why, It took another half day. therefore, Sometimes it's not worth exploring, Time is precious). So in many articles, Added my own understanding and reasoning, Maybe you'll find some tips, Or solve the doubts, Or discover a new continent. If you can't help but say it after reading it" I rely on, I see", It must be a great encouragement and affirmation for me.
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1.Linux Basics

Linux Basicspdf edition v2:Linux The foundation is tempered.pdf

* 1. Basic command of file class <>
* 2.Linux System user
* 2.1 System user/ Group management <>
* 2.2 su andsudo <>
* 3. Rights management of files <>
* 4.ext Internal principle mechanism of file system <>( essence)
* 5. Manage file system <>
* 6.LVM <>
* 7.RAID <>
* 8. Package management <>
* 9. Process and signal <>( essence)
* 10. System status statistics and view <>
* 11. Service management <>
* 12. Timing task <>
* 13.Linux Network management of <>
* 14.Linux Detailed startup process <>( essence)

2.Shell Script,bash Characteristic series

I'm studyingshell andbash Time, There are so many problems, Online answers and summaries are always unsatisfactory, So I decided to go through itman
bash, It not only sums up a lot of conclusions, You know what kind of problems you have when you have problems( I don't know a lot), Where to find out, Benefit greatly. So personal advice, If there isshell andbash When it comes to problems, First fromman
bash Get answers from.

bash Latest English manual: manual <>
bash 4.0 Chinese Manual: download

Thebash The translation of Chinese manual is very good, But there's something missing, Words are missing in some places, And after all4.0 edition, And in useman
bash Some places are different( Many places), Therefore, when in doubt, it is suggested to use Chinese and English.

Strongly recommended:
sonshell And execution environment throughoutshell, We should pay the highest attention to it. Especially inshell Script appears" Contrary to expectation" When it's hard to find out, Most likely becauseshell Environmental problems of. thoseshell Programming books, Entry only, learnshell Scripting" shape", Not suitable for in-depth. If you have spare times, Suggest reading after foundationman
bash Learn fromshell Of" god".

* 1.SHELL Script-- brief introduction <>
* 2.SHELL Script--echo andprintf Printout
* 3.Bash Characteristic-- Multi command logic execution sequence <>
* 4.Bash Characteristic-- variable( Basics) <>
* 5.Bash Characteristic-bash Environment configuration process <>( essence)
* 6.SHELL Script-- Mathematical operations andbc command <>
* 7.SHELL Script--expr Command complete solution <>( essence)
* 8.Bash Characteristic-- Pipeline and redirection Foundation <>
* 9.Bash Characteristic--shell Array basis <>
* 10.Bash Characteristic-- aliasalias( adoptalias Give Wayrm More secure)
<>( essence)
* 11.Bash Characteristic-- Command substitution and command combination <>
* 12.Bash Characteristic--shell The process of parsing the command line andeval command
<>( essence)
* 13.Bash Characteristic--$ Post quotation mark($"string" and$'string')
* 14.Bash Characteristic--trap Signal acquisition methodology <>
( essence)
* 15.Bash Characteristic-- Thoroughly understandshell SeniorI/O redirect
<>( essence)
* 16.Bash Characteristic--IFS Simple explanation <>
* 17.SHELL Script--read command <>
* 18.SHELL Script--date,sleep,usleep command
* 19.Bash Characteristic--test,[ ],[[ ]] command
* 20.Bash Characteristic--shell Programming structure of <>
( essence)
* 21.Bash Characteristic--while Loop trap <>
* 22.SHELL Script--tr Full understanding of command usage and characteristics <>
* 23.SHELL Script--cut command <>
* 24.SHELL Script-- Play throughsort command <>( essence)
* 25.SHELL Script--sort Command manual in Chinese <>
* 26.SHELL Script--uniq command <>
* 27.SHELL Script--seq command <>
* 28.SHELL Script--functions Detailed analysis and description of documents
<>( essence)
* 29.SHELL Script-- How to writeSysV Service management script
<>( essence)
sonshell,bash Built in command specificity, The essential trilogy of backstage task

* 1.bash Particularity of built-in commands, For background tasks" essence"
<>( essence)
* 2. When to get inshell <>( essence)
* Script skills: How to makeshell Script suicide+bash Particularity of built-in commands
<>( essence)
find & xargs & grep & awksed(pdf edition: Play throughsed: Exploresed principle.pdf

* 1.Linux find Common usage examples( essence) <>
* 2.Linux find Detailed explanation of operation mechanism( essence) <>
* 3.xargs Principle analysis and usage explanation( essence) <>
* 4.grep Command manual in Chinese <>( essence)
* 5.awk Summary of knowledge points <>( essence)
* 6. Basic regular expression <>( essence)
* 7.Perl Super detailed tutorial of regular expression <>( essence)
* 8.pcre And regular expressions <> <>
* 1.sed From introduction to in-depth use experience <>
* 2.sed Practice Series( One): Flower boxing and leg embroidery beginner level chapter <>
( essence)
* 3.sed Practice Series( Two): Martial arts mentality(info sed translate+ annotation)
<>( essence)
* 4.sed Practice Series( Three):sed Window sliding technology for advanced applications
<>( essence)
* 5.sed Practice Series( Four):sed Difficult and miscellaneous diseases in <>
( essence)
* 6.sed Delete tone of Pinyin <>
* 7.sed Example: froma Determine whether to delete the fileb Lines in file

Some script examples and tips:

* Script skills: judgessh End of remote command execution
* Script skills:mapfile Read the contents of the file and save it in the array
* Script skills:tee Andpee
* Script skills:getopt Designshell Script options
<>( essence)
* -------------------------------------------------------
* Script example: Calculate milliseconds, Microsecond time difference
* Script example: Batch compare whether the contents of multiple files are the same
* Script example:expect Realizationscp/ssh-copy-id Non interactive
* Script example:shell Script animation widget(shell Edition andperl edition)
<> Efficient text processing

* 1.dd,split andcsplit command <>
* Efficient text processing(1):xargs parallel processing
<>( essence)
* 3.GNU Parallel 6666666666

4.Linux Basic services

* 1. The first1 chapter ssh Command andSSH service
* 1.1 ssh Command andSSH Detailed explanation of service <>( essence)
* 1.2 SSH Forwarding agent:ssh-agent would rather
* 1.3 SSH Tunnel: Details of port forwarding function <>
* 2. The first2 chapter rsync Complete manual
* 2.1 rsync( One): Basic commands and usage <>( essence)
* 2.2 rsync( Two):inotify+rsync andsersync
<>( essence)
* 2.3 rsync( Three): Algorithm principle and workflow analysis <>
( essence)
* 2.4 rsync( Four): translate:rsync Official recommended technical report
<>( essence)
* 2.5 rsync( Five): translate:rsync Working mechanism(How Rsync Works)
<>( essence)
* 2.6 rsync( Six): translate:man rsync(rsync Command manual in Chinese)
<>( essence)
* 3. The first3 chapter NFS Basic application <>
* 4. The first4 chapter DHCP service <>
* 5. The first5 chapter Unattended batch installationLinux operating system
* 5.1 PXE+kickstart Unattended installationCentOS 6
* 5.2 kickstart Detailed documentation(CentOS 6.6)
* 5.3 PXE+kickstart Unattended installationCentOS 7
* 5.4 cobbler Unattended batch installationLinux system
* 6. The first6 chapter Packet filtering and firewall
* 6.1 tcp_wrapper filter <>
* 6.2 Firewall andiptables <>
* 6.3 firewalld( To be supplemented)
* 7. The first7 chapter DNS & bind From foundation to depth <>
( essence)
( More service software please move to website architecture series <>)



5.openssl series

Principles and commands( Translation and arrangementman Documentation and usage examples)

* 1. encryption, Signature andSSL Mobile phone details <>( essence)
* 2.openssl Command commander in chief <>
* 3.openssl genrsa <>
* 4.openssl rsa andopenssl pkey
* 5.openssl speed andopenssl rand
* 6.openssl passwd <>
* 7.openssl dgst( Generate and verify digital signatures)
* 8.openssl rsautl andopenssl pkeyutl( Asymmetric encryption of files)
* 9.openssl enc( Symmetric encryption) <>
* 10.openssl dhparam <>
Certificate request, Award,CA Relevant(SSL Official books

* 11.openssl req( Generate certificate request and self buildCA)
* 12.openssl Master profileopenssl.cnf analysis
* 13.openssl ca( Signed and self builtCA) <>
* 14.openssl x509( Signing and self signing) <>
* 15.openssl Multiple implementation methods of signing and self signing certificate

6. Miscellaneous content

* 1.cpio Usage details <>
* 3. Usexmanager Receive GUI <>
* 5. Packet capture tooltcpdump Instructions for use <>
* 7. Network scan toolnmap <>
* 9.Linux Hot plug of upper disk <>
* 11.Linux Terminal type <>
* 13.Linux Recording, Playback and sharing terminal operation <>
* 15.Linux Terminal session real time sharing(kibitz)
* 17. byLinux Configure common sources:epel andIUS <>
* 19.CentOS 7 Detour of host name <>
* 21. Why is the representation of absolute path"/usr" Instead of"//usr"
* 23. Quickly generate a large number of random size files <>
* 2.Linux Chinese documentMD5 check <>
* 4.Linux comm Command to find the intersection of files, Difference set
* 6. Manual generation/etc/shadow Password in file <>
* 8.wget Several common options and examples of commands <>
* 10.Linux Four ways to query whether the port is occupied <>
* 12.yum Install new versionphp Pit encountered <>
* 14. Detailed analysisdu anddf Why are the results different <>
* 16.CentOS Useshadowsocks-libev Fly over the gates
* 18.sshfs Be based onssh Mount remote directory <>
* 20.Linux Quickly compare the differences between the two directories <>
* 22. UnderstandLinux The following file types <>


7. My personal translator

No Internet, Or dissatisfaction, I translate myself. Although time consuming, But it's very rewarding.

* 1. translate:grub2 Detailed explanation( Translation and collation of official manuals) <>
* 2. translate:Bios boot partition
* 3. translate:man ssh(ssh Command manual in Chinese) <>
* 4. translate:rsync Official recommended technical report <>
* 5. translate:rsync Working mechanism(How Rsync Works)
* 6. translate:man rsync(rsync Command manual in Chinese)
* 7. translate:info sort(sort Command manual in Chinese)
* 8. translate:info grep(grep Command manual in Chinese)
* 9. translate:info sed(sed Command manual in Chinese+ annotation)
* 10. translate:man rpcbind(rpcbind Chinese Manual)
* 11. translate:man nfsd(rpc.nfsd Chinese Manual)
* 12. translate:man mountd(rpc.mountd Chinese Manual)
* 13. translate:man statd(rpc.statd Chinese Manual)
* 14. translate:man sm-notify(sm-notify Command manual in Chinese)
* 15. translate:man exportfs(exportfs Command manual in Chinese)
* 16. translate:man getopt(1) Chinese Manual <>