I havesed Articles arranged topdf in, Welcome to download: Play throughsed: Exploresed principle <http://down.51cto.com/data/2444639>

sed Serial articles:
sed Practice Series( One): Flower boxing and leg embroidery beginner level chapter <http://www.cnblogs.com/f-ck-need-u/p/7488469.html>
sed Practice Series( Two): Martial arts mentality(info sed translate+ annotation)
sed Practice Series( Three):sed Window sliding technology for advanced applications <http://www.cnblogs.com/f-ck-need-u/p/7496916.html>
sed Practice Series( Four):sed Difficult and miscellaneous diseases in <http://www.cnblogs.com/f-ck-need-u/p/7499309.html>


I am right.sed We have done some in-depth research on the principle and mechanism of( Theoretical knowledge, Ha-ha), I think I have a lot of experience. So share a fewsed Articles of cultivation, From entry to depth. Of course, It may not be suitable to be completely untouchedsed Pure beginner of, Suggest looking for some articles on the Internetsed The usage and exemplification of, After the foundation, I don't think it will be too difficult to read this series of articles.

1. The first is the introduction, But it's the most important one. Although not much, But most of them are in itsed Working mechanism of, The concepts are covered in later chapters. If the following articles have terms that you can't understand, such assed loop,SCRIPT loop, Automatic output, Go back toSCRIPT Top of cycle, etc, Please read this article.

2. The second isinfo sed Translations, It took a lot of effort, A lot of comments have been added, It's an in-depth articlesed manual. If you want to go deepersed Or want to fully understandsed Working mechanism,info
sed It's a must read article, Absolute ratio《sed & awk》 Harvest big. in addition, Personal suggestion, Do not readman sed File.

3. The third issed A general template instruction for advanced application: Window sliding. Here are some useful tips, It introduces in detail"N""D""P" command, It also involves some maintenance space andsed Usage of tag jump. But these orders are flexible, Several articles are absolutely impossible to go deep, Only some examples can be taken, If you have time in the future, There will be a special article collectionsed Examples of advanced usage.

4. The fourth issed Some common puzzles in. Not many contents, But it's really in usesed It might help. For example, how tosed Using variables in, How to add quotation marks, How to overcome greedy matching and so on.

First article(sed Flower fist embroidered leg beginner level chapter <http://www.cnblogs.com/f-ck-need-u/p/7488469.html>
) It's the most important one, Especially the first and fourth sections are the wholesed Top priority, yessed Of" god", And those simple onessed usage, Examples, etcsed Of" shape". If it issed Beginner, These ones here" god" You can have a look at the contents of, In usesed After the foundation of operation, And think about it" god" Every sentence in, Must be able to penetratesed. Thereafter, Read the second article again(
sed Martial arts mentality <http://www.cnblogs.com/f-ck-need-u/p/7478188.html>
) More detailed" shape" and" god", Finally read the third article(sed Advanced application
) Master more advanced operation means, In the realization of complex logic, we can often get twice the result with half the effort, Finally, you can see the fourth article(sed Difficult and miscellaneous diseases in
<http://www.cnblogs.com/f-ck-need-u/p/7499309.html>), staysed Make a mistake but don't know how to solve it, This article often finds the answer.