I have sed Articles arranged to pdf in , Welcome to download : Play through sed: explore sed principle <http://down.51cto.com/data/2444639>

sed Series of articles :
sed Cultivation series ( One ): Flower boxing and leg embroidery beginner level chapter <http://www.cnblogs.com/f-ck-need-u/p/7488469.html>
sed Cultivation series ( Two ): Martial arts mental skill (info sed translate + annotation )
sed Cultivation series ( Three ):sed Window sliding technology for advanced applications <http://www.cnblogs.com/f-ck-need-u/p/7496916.html>
sed Cultivation series ( Four ):sed Difficult and miscellaneous diseases in <http://www.cnblogs.com/f-ck-need-u/p/7499309.html>

explain :

I am right sed We have done some in-depth research on the principle and mechanism of ( Theoretical knowledge , ha-ha ), I think I have a lot of experience . So share a few sed Articles of cultivation , From entry to depth . of course , It may not be suitable to be completely untouched sed Pure beginner of , Suggest looking for some articles on the Internet sed The usage and exemplification of , After the foundation , I don't think it will be too difficult to read this series of articles .

1. The first is the introduction , But it's the most important one . Although not much , But most of them are in it sed Working mechanism of , The concepts are covered in later chapters . If the following articles have terms that you can't understand , such as sed loop ,SCRIPT loop , Auto output , go back to SCRIPT Top of cycle, etc , Please read this article .

2. The second one is info sed Translation of , It took a lot of effort , A lot of comments have been added , It's an in-depth article sed manual . If you want to go deeper sed Or want to fully understand sed Working mechanism ,info
sed It's a must read article , Absolute comparison 《sed & awk》 Great harvest . in addition , Personal advice , Don't read man sed file .

3. The third is sed A general template instruction for advanced application : Window slide . Here are some useful tips , It introduces in detail "N""D""P" command , It also involves some maintenance space and sed Usage of tag jump . But these orders are flexible , Several articles are absolutely impossible to go deep , Only some examples can be taken , If you have time in the future , There will be a special article collection sed Examples of advanced usage .

4. The fourth is sed Some common puzzles in . Not much , But it's really in use sed It might help . For example, how to sed Using variables in , How to add quotation marks , How to overcome greedy matching and so on .

First article (sed Flower fist embroidered leg beginner level chapter <http://www.cnblogs.com/f-ck-need-u/p/7488469.html>
) It's the most important one , Especially the first and fourth sections are the whole sed Top priority , yes sed Of " god ", And those simple ones sed usage , Examples, etc sed Of " shape ". If it is sed beginner , these ones here " god " You can have a look at the contents of , In use sed After the foundation of operation , And think about it " god " Every sentence in , Must go deep sed. thereafter , Read the second article again (
sed Martial arts mental skill <http://www.cnblogs.com/f-ck-need-u/p/7478188.html>
) More detailed " shape " and " god ", Finally read the third article (sed Advanced applications
) Master more advanced operation means , In the realization of complex logic, we can often get twice the result with half the effort , Finally, you can see the fourth article (sed Difficult and miscellaneous diseases in
<http://www.cnblogs.com/f-ck-need-u/p/7499309.html>), stay sed Make a mistake but don't know how to solve it , This article often finds the answer .