Today, I will open the tool library that I usually organize, For friends in need, If you have friends who are also accumulating, please give me suggestions, I will be happy to adopt and complete. Give the address at the end of the article according to the Convention^_^.

   When I opened other sources(Framework.MongoDB
), They all quoted meFramework Tool library, But why is it open now:

* It's relatively simple. There should be a lot of friends in the collection
* I really want to decompile my open source code
* Be commented onFramework.dll Tricky

   First of all, use the community's88 A word from elder brother, The significance of open source is that after open source, other companies can go deep into the bottom layer, Then launch your own products and tools, In this way, the ecology will become larger and larger. But my stuff is open source, In order to cooperate with the article and make readers more convenient to understand, At the same time, I hope to find problems and improve them on my basis.

   Technical, Mainly to develop ideas, After imitation and communication, What you understand is yours, You learn that what others have is yours.

   however! I don't advocate“ The bread has been given to you, You have to wait for someone to chew it up before feeding it to you?”. The source code has been given out, If there is a problem, just take the initiative to debug it, If you really want to know what's going on in it, decompile it, Take the initiative, The problem is solved, I want to know, The experience and knowledge you get is yours, Why not?

   This article is not aimed at or intended to spray someone, I don't want to be“ Go astray” Warn yourself, Second, remind me of Mengxin. Environment starts with me.

Framework Function point

* Validation tag( Chinese, mailbox, ID, Cell-phone number)
* Set de duplication and extension method based on condition
* EmitMapper encapsulation
* Encryption and decryption extension method
* String extension method
* Object Extension method
* Type conversion
* Local cache encapsulation
* Log4net Encapsulation
* HttpWeb Encapsulation
* Orderlyguid Encapsulation
* Encapsulation
Recommended books

   Brief introduction of several books

* Big talk design mode( You can read it over and over again)
* CLR via C#( If you have any questions, just read the reference book)
* Restructure Improve the design of existing code
* NoSql Essence
* Microservice design

   Bring the source code with both hands .

   The picture below shows mevs online Source code, The code will be released together with the article, But some of them are not very complete, So step by step.