Today, I will open the tool library that I usually organize , For friends in need , If you have friends who are also accumulating, please give me suggestions , I will be happy to adopt and complete . Give the address at the end of the article according to the Convention ^_^.

   When I opened other sources (Framework.MongoDB
), They all quoted me Framework Tool library , But why is it open now :

* It's relatively simple. There should be a lot of friends in the collection
* I really want to decompile my open source code
* Be commented on Framework.dll There is felicity

   First of all, use the community's 88 A word from elder brother , The significance of open source is that after open source, other companies can go deep into the bottom layer , Then launch your own products and tools , In this way, the ecology will become larger and larger . But my stuff is open source , In order to cooperate with the article and make readers more convenient to understand , At the same time, I hope to find problems and improve them on my basis .

   Technical , Mainly to develop ideas , After imitation and communication , What you understand is yours , You learn that what others have is yours .

   however ! I don't advocate “ The bread has been given to you , You have to wait for someone to chew it up before feeding it to you ?”. The source code has been given out , If there is a problem, just take the initiative to debug it , If you really want to know what's going on in it, decompile it , Take the initiative , The problem is solved , I want to know , The experience and knowledge you get is yours , Why not ?

   This article is not aimed at or intended to spray someone , I don't want to be “ Take a crooked road ” Admonish oneself , Second, remind me of Mengxin . purify .net Environment starts with me .

Framework Function point

* Verify label ( chinese , mailbox , ID , cell-phone number )
* Set de duplication and extension method based on condition
* EmitMapper encapsulation
* Encryption and decryption extension method
* String extension method
* Object Extension method
* Type conversion
* Local cache encapsulation
* Log4net Encapsulation of
* HttpWeb Encapsulation of
* Order guid Encapsulation of
* Encapsulation of
Recommended books

   Brief introduction of several books

* Big talk design mode ( You can read it over and over again )
* CLR via C#( If you have any questions, just read the reference book )
* restructure Improve the design of existing code
* NoSql Essence
* Microservice design

   Bring the source code with both hands .

   The picture below shows me vs online Source code on , The code will be released together with the article , But some of them are not very complete , So step by step .