<>Visual Studio Code( hereinafter referred to as VS
Code) For development Python3, It's very convenient , Itself this IDE It's lightweight , It's only tens of megabytes in size , Support the development of various languages by installing plug-ins . The interface is also beautiful , Can be in a IED Develop the following languages / script :
C++ - C# - CSS - Dockerfile - Go - HTML - Java - JavaScript - JSON - Less -
Markdown - PHP - PowerShell - Python - SCSS - T-SQL -
TypeScript, There's no need to open three or four big ones IDE Tools
What I'm going to talk about today is using VS Code development Python3 Language hour , Make up for a defect of automatic completion function : adopt tab Automatic completion mode after selecting a method ,vs
code There is no automatic parenthesis in , If you're so naive that you don't report errors in the implementation, it's OK , So you really have a broken Tucson ~ how to deal with it ? Look at the official instructions :VS Code edit Python Language settings

There's a passage in it :

Finally, the python.autocomplete.addBrackets setting (default false)
determines whether VS Code automatically adds parentheses (()) when
autocompleting a function name. For example, if you set addBrackets to true:
"python.autoComplete.addBrackets": true,

My English is not good , It means that , To be in vs code Set the inside of the
"python.autoComplete.addBrackets": false, This value is set to true, It will automatically be bracketed . See the picture for details :
stay VS Code Interface ,Ctrl+Shift+P, Open command line

input setting, Selected preferences JSON Mode setting interface

On the User Settings File interface , search :python.autoComplete.addBrackets

Copy this line to the right , modify false by true, Remember to have a comma in English , preservation , restart VS Code.

<> After restart , adopt . The auto completion list that pops up by point reference is not bracketed , But don't worry , Return or Tab After selecting auto complete candidate content , It's automatically bracketed , It's done ~