MT2621 processor :

MT2621 It's a dual-mode Internet of things single chip , Support narrow band Internet of things R14 And GSM/GPRS
, Provide extended coverage , Cross market application of network transition function and telephone dialing application , For intelligent tracker , wearable devices , Internet of things security , Intelligent meter reading and industrial application .

mt2625 processor :

MT2625 It's the first model launched by MediaTek NB-IoT( Narrow band Internet of things ) System single chip (SoC), And join hands with China Mobile to create the smallest size in the industry (16mm X 18mm) Of NB-IoT
General module , Ultra high integration provides low power and cost-effective solutions for massive IOT devices . The program supports 3GPP NB-IoT(R13 NB1, R14 NB2) Of
450MHz-2.1GHz Full band operation , Suitable for global smart home , Logistics tracking , Intelligent meter reading and other static or mobile Internet of things applications .

MT2503 processor :

United Development Technology MT2503 Ultra small system level package based on high integration , Bluetooth integration 3.0, Multi star system GNSS System and 2G baseband , Integrated memory ARMv7 Potential applications of micro control include wearable devices with simple application functions , Mobile asset tracking device , Safety focused industrial applications .

mt2511 <> processor :

MT2511 It is a bio sensing analog front-end chip , Designed for health and fitness mobile devices , ECG can be collected at the same time (EKG) And photoplethysmography (PPG) Biological signals , High sensitivity and sampling rate . It has ultra-thin volume , Ultra low power consumption , High integration and other characteristics , ECG can be collected (EKG) And photoplethysmography (PPG) Biological signals .

MT2502 processor :

MT2502 Family chips are highly integrated , Ultra lightweight system package , Support dual mode Bluetooth function and integrated 2G modem, Micro controller unit adopts ARM
v7 framework , Integrated memory controller . Highly integrated system single chip for single function wearable devices , It's very lightweight , use ARM7EJ-S System encapsulation of Architecture , Have the ability of integration and networking .

MT2501 processor :

MT2501 Is integrated with a leading edge power management unit , Analog baseband and and single chip based on radio circuit low power consumption CMOS technology . MT2501 It is a powerful single chip solution with rich functions .
be based on 32 position ARM7EJ-S'RISC processor ,MT2501M Provides a platform for cutting-edge multimedia applications with excellent processing power, high bandwidth architecture and dedicated hardware support .

MT2533 processor :

MT2533 It is for wireless intelligent intercom headset , headset , Highly integrated chip for holding free system design MT2533 Designed for sound management institute , integration Tensilica HiFi Mini DSP
( Digital Signal Processor ), To support multiple coding , Dual microphone , Voice enhancement and other functions , It also includes dual noise reduction microphone function and standby voice wake-up function of third-party software .

mt2523 <> processor :

MT2523 System chip (MT2523D/MT2523G) Highly integrated packaging system , Equipped with a micro controller unit , low power consumption GNSS
(MT2523G), Dual mode Bluetooth function and power management unit .