Work wants to do well , You must sharpen your tools first



visual studio code yes Microsoft <> One of the developed
Mac OS X,Windows <> and Linux Above , For the compilation of modern Web
Cross platform source code editor for Cloud Applications .

plug-in unit

* Beautify( Special recommendation ) Used to format html js css code
* Bracket Pair Colorrizer( Special recommendation ) Used to distinguish between brackets
* Chinese(Simplified) Language( Special recommendation )  Chinese language pack
* Code Spell Checker  Used to detect code syntax
* PHP Debug  Used to detect break points in programs
* vscode-fileheader  Used to generate custom file header information  
* Code Runner Used to run code
* Auto Close Tag   Automatic label closure
* Auto Rename Tag   Automatic label renaming
* HTML CSS Support  CSS Support tools
* HTML Snippets HTML Snippet tool
* IntelliSense for CSS class names  CSS Class name tool
* jshint  js Code checker
* Path Intellisense  Path management tool
* PHP  Debug  PHP Debugging tools , Configuration required
* PHP Extension  Pack  PHP Expansion pack
* PHP Intellisense   PHP Auto completion tool
* PHP Intellisense -Crane  PHP Auto completion tool
* vscode-icons  Add icons to different file types
* Prettify JSON  format JSON
* Partial Diff   Compare two pieces of code or file
* HTMLHint  HTML Format tips
* GitLens   Displays the most recent commit And the author , Displays the current line commit information
* Emoji   Enter in the code emoji
( Unfinished , To be continued ------)