Many friends ask such a question , When interviewing for a company , The interviewer asked :“ Why do you want to leave your present home XX company ?” I don't know how to answer .

      actually , The interviewer's question can be regarded as a polite remark , Ask between friends “ What are you up to recently ”“ What good movies are there recently ” equally , It's all for opening up a topic .

      actually , The interviewer knows , Leave a company , Nothing more than unhappy work , Or the salary is not enough , however , This is a polite remark , The psychological state of candidates can also be seen from the answers .
           " I interviewed hundreds of people , Ask this question almost every candidate , The answer was also eye opening .

  There's a female product manager , The last company was a fashion media , She said the reason for leaving was that “ I can't stand being surrounded by men gay”, Every day I look at a group of men around me , Very uncomfortable . I want to make a statement , I'm not actually gay , But I also feel that one has the right to keep a distance from homosexuals , So I have no opinion about the reason why this female product manager left the company , In fact, it was given to her in the end offer.

  There is a programmer , His reason for leaving the company is that the rest of the company smokes , He doesn't smoke alone , His wife doesn't like smokers very much , But because of the smog in the company , Come home with a smell of smoke , Always scolded by his wife , He's upset , So I left . This is an acceptable reason , Tell the requirements of the interviewers , If a company has the habit of smoking in the working environment , Know what this programmer wants from the beginning , And you don't have to waste time going on .

      The above two examples just show that the reasons for leaving the company may be different , It's not about making up your imagination “ Reasons for leaving ”, In the interview ,keep it real.

      however , Not too much real 了 .

      I've seen more candidates , When asked this question , It shows anger at the former company ,

      for example :“ That boss is a fool !”“ The direction is always changing , I don't know what to do , blind JB whole .”“ The company is in a mess .”……

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I believe most of these descriptions are true , however , Don't say that in an interview , Because this attitude will leave a bad impression on the interviewer . The interviewer will think : That's what the man said about the former company , Will it be the same with our company in the future ?

    Remember that : Keep a positive energy attitude in the interview , Don't complain , Don't complain .

Not long ago , Hearing such a story , A famous Internet company ( Give me some face, I won't call the roll ) One of our employees went for an interview , The interviewer also asked this question casually , result , The candidate was about to burst into tears , Said that in the present company, the work intensity is too heavy , No one took it , Everything is done by yourself , And do it regularly , So much pressure . Facing such a candidate , The interviewer will certainly be sympathetic , But it can also create a bad impression , I think the candidate may not be very resistant , It's easy to be emotional , It is difficult to cooperate in the future .

        in short , When asked “ Why did you leave ” Time , There is only one principle : be neither humble nor pushy .

The safest answer , Just say it :“ I want to seek a work environment that can reflect my value more .” This is quite politically correct , First of all, positive energy , And then it's like telling the company , I'm certainly looking for greater value , Don't put me in a better position .

You can also answer according to the characteristics of the other company , For example, the other party has done a good job in the network video service , You can say :“ I'm very interested in online video , We want to develop in this area .” It's also very positive energy , Nothing is more valuable than interest and passion . 

      in short , Answer this question , It's like answering other questions in an interview , Show a positive attitude , Don't belittle the family , And don't vent your emotions , Only in this way can the employer have a good impression .