Synchronous updating of short books

First, Please keep the network unblocked

* Get intoFreenom <>

* Enter the domain name you want, clickCheck Availability

3. Choose a domain name, Click on theGet it now! Here take as an example, Click on theCheckout

4. changePeriod, Change the default three months to twelve months, clickContinue

5. Input mailbox, Registered account number

6. Enter email to view mail

7. Click the link in the email to complete the registration
8. Get intoMy Domains( My domain name) <>
page, View the domain name just registered

thus, Domain name registration completed, Here are the optional steps

9. clickManage Domain, Configure the domain name
10. Get intoNameservers <>
page, changeDNS Analysis to domesticDNSPod <>

11. stayDNSPod Add the domain name just registered in( No need to fill inwww)

* Then backFreenom, stayNameservers Fill inDNSPod The two one.DNS address,

* clickChange Nameservers Save changes
14. Wait a minute~ Can be inDNSPod Domain name resolution