Statement 1 :

1, First, make it clear that development is not bug Why .

2, If it is a requirement change , Then ask the product manager to confirm whether it is a requirement change .

3, If development talks about test environment problem , Ask him to clarify what the test environment problem is , Check it out as he says , If he does ,
close bug, But it's not what he said , Continue activation bug Solve for development , Ensure product quality .

4, If the development says that the user does not have this usage scenario , But we don't agree with him , Take this bug Inform Test Manager , Let the test manager decide .

Statement 2 :

1. Inform development bug The basis of judgment , At the same time, it is clear that development is not bug Why .

2. Verify the reasons for development , Calibration basis 1. Refer to requirements document ,2. Communicate with product manager for confirmation .

The verification result is not bug, close bug, If it is bug Submit to development for processing , Ensure product quality



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