Java Can be said to be the hottest direction in programming languages , Because of its cross platform nature, most Internet companies need this technology , and Java It has become the most widely used programming language . Corresponding Java As a result, the salaries of programmers are getting better and better , As low as a few hundred , High breaking is not a dream .

But recently , But there is a piece of code to get a monthly salary 13K Of Java Programmers don't understand !


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In this regard , Some programmers commented on it :

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Some netizens judge that null value is not considered , And it should be used in this case lamdba expression , Because it can improve work efficiency . and M Objects in o1,02 No processing was done when casting down , It's easy Bug.


Some netizens can see it , This is an anonymous inner class , I don't know what the programmer is asking ! It feels like 300 Of Java level , a monthly salary 13K If you don't know this , It turns out that the foundation of programming is poor , It's such a high salary , Then it must be tongue or something .


Actually , Many people have reached a certain level in a certain field , But some basic things in the same field are still unknown , Especially the technical post of programmer , Maybe it's because I didn't learn enough at the beginning or used it less in daily work , It is not clear that these are also relatively normal conditions , But only with this kind of diligent attitude can we go further