Looking for a job is the same , Yes, we have an interview , Then talk about salary , I'll join you after a lot of consideration , Today there are new programmers to interview , be shocked HR, Let's see what happened :

This one HR A post caused comments from netizens : You're surprised , How low is it , I've just graduated and I'm not in the world yet !

Market behavior , no ground for blame , Don't waste people's time if you can't , They can't get it offer Naturally, it will reduce the requirements . There's nothing to say . Some netizens think that this fresh student should be an operation post , First line operation is popular 8k bar , Plus transportation subsidies , Housing subsidy , Food supplement , How much is it ? Young people want it 10k What happened .

If the base number of recruitment information is so much , Don't blame the interviewer for asking so much , Interview is a two-way selection process , If the interview communication down that the job seeker is not worth the price, you can not hire , But if the actual company can't give so much , Also send false recruitment information , And invited people to interview , Don't feel that you shouldn't have asked for this salary , Or don't understand the workplace , After all, they all have the right to choose !

What do you think ? Welcome message to make complaints about !

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