We all know that Huawei's salary is high , But what's even more surprising is that 2017 The average annual salary per person is as high as 70 ten thousand ; Everyone envies Huawei's generous treatment , But Huawei's iron like management discipline is not blown out .

1, Focus on participation , Dare to challenge yourself

Ren Zhengfei admonishes employees , Do something, whether it's successful or not , You have to find your own feeling . As long as you participate and fight against it , You've made it , The outcome is uncertain , Dare to fight for seven points .

2, Value learning from others , learn from others ' strong points and close the gap

Ren Zhengfei once said , We should actively absorb the advantages of others , For partners, we should actively point out their shortcomings . Others point out your shortcomings , Criticize your shortcomings , It's actually helping you , I hope you improve , If you give up this kind of help , That would be a great loss .

3, We should be good at summarizing

Ren Zhengfei said in a discussion with employees :“ Now I'll give you a handful of silk thread , You can't catch a fish . You must net this silk thread , This kind of network has a network .”

Life is through constant summing up , Form a network , And form a big net . If you're not good at summarizing , It's like a monkey breaking corn , Break one and lose another , You'll get nothing . We should take more notes , Write a summary , People who don't want to improve will certainly not . No progress, no peace , Full of complaints and strange words , We don't accept such people . If you're not good at summarizing , You can't move on .

The history of mankind is the history from the kingdom of necessity to the kingdom of freedom . If there is no usual summary , Form a network of this kind of thinking , That can't solve the problems that arise at any time . You can't move forward without induction , You can't go up the steps without going forward . People advance step by step , You just have to move forward in small steps , In a few years, when you come back to the conclusion , You'll find that you've made a big step forward .

4, Design career realistically

Emphasize the importance of employees “ Love your line , Do something ”, Don't do it if you don't love it . meanwhile “ Love your line , Do something ” We should also seek truth from facts , To combine their own expertise and professional design of their own career .

After the design of practical and realistic self career , It is necessary to use the goal of design to strictly require and constrain ourselves , Move yourself toward your goal . for example , You designed to be president , Then you have to be strict with yourself by the president's standards , Pay attention to what you say and do . Otherwise, it's terrible , Can't afford to be attacked , Uncover the truth , It's hard for me .

5, Training experts , No “ Omnipotent general ”

Everyone is required to love what they are engaged in , master , transcend , If conditions permit , With plenty of energy , You can learn more about the operation status and skills of other businesses related to work . Huawei emphasizes , People without grassroots work experience cannot be promoted , Education is only a reference factor for selecting cadres , Cadres are selected mainly on the basis of actual ability . Huawei wants employees to love their company , Do something ; Do something , Exclusive line .

Do you see the user board test group , Stick to it for years, like a day on a board , Great achievements have been made . What we need in this era is experts , It's not a jack of all trades . Welding expert , Plug in expert , Cable and frame assembly expert , Packaging experts , Freight expert , Warehouse Specialist , Typing experts and so on all kinds of experts together , This is a very effective coalition .

Imagine an artillery regiment , Everyone is all hands , Software will do a little bit , The Internet will be a little bit , Chip also knows design , I understand the finance , The cost can be explained in a muddle , namely “ cannon ” I'm not sure , The whole regiment is such highly educated talents , Know everything , It's just that no one is right “ cannon ”, upper “ battlefield ” What is the combat effectiveness of this regiment , It is necessary to collapse . If it's full of this “ Omnipotent general ”, Huawei must collapse .

6, Be tolerant of employees who make mistakes with good intentions

Ren Zhengfei thinks that , Employees grow up by making mistakes , Be tolerant of employees who make mistakes due to lack of experience , Encourage people to improve their work .

Ideas are easily blunted without tempering . The kind of person who is good at thinking , It's getting smarter . They may try by example , Make a little trouble , Leaders at all levels should distinguish the diseases that they cause in order to improve their work , Or is it a mistake made by a weak sense of responsibility ? It's the former , Be merciful , Huawei encourages employees to improve their work .(1996 year )

7, Employees should love their work

Hope that employees will work as a love , As a drive for dedication , It is a rare opportunity and challenge , We should cherish it . Every employee should do everything conscientiously , Whether it's big or small . We should have a broad vision , Be broad-minded , Be responsible , Regardless of personal gains and losses .

It's all about putting in , Study hard , Only then can achieve oneself . People just love it , Will know it eventually , In strict , A lot of practice , See the flaw , New breakthroughs . It is more and more difficult to invent without practice . Long term unremitting practice , In the end, miracles will be created , This is the Enlightenment of history , It is also the law from quantitative change to qualitative change . We have to make a difference , All those who are dedicated to their cause , All of them should go forward bravely without hesitation , No matter the flowers and thorns on both sides .(1997 year

8, Employees should care about others from small things

Train employees to care about others from small things . Huawei requires employees to respect their parents , Help younger siblings , Responsible to relatives . Care for others on this basis , Support Project Hope , Poor students , Candlelight project …… And usually care about colleagues and those who are in trouble . Encourage employees to do their own work well , I have done my job well , The company has developed , The contribution to the country is greater .

9, Pay attention to the specialty training of grass roots staff

Huawei to the grassroots managers , Professionals and operators should adopt the policy of relatively fixed posts , promote “ Love your line , Do something ; Do something , Exclusive line ”.“ Love your line ” The basis is to pass the employment examination , The condition for employees who have already taken up the post to continue this line of work is to undergo the screening of post assessment .

“ Last year, we mobilized more than 200 masters to train in the after-sales service system , How was it mobilized ? We said , Internet marketing experts across the century , Technical experts should be selected from field engineers ; in addition , Those who come to the scene may have better opportunities and treatment . One year later , Some of them were diverted to various posts , Some stayed as maintenance experts . They have practical experience , He has made rapid progress in various positions , And push new employees into this cycle . This technology , business , The cycle of management brings good things to the grassroots .”(1998 year

10, promote “ Do something , Love your line ”

Huawei allows employees to select jobs appropriately , But employees are not encouraged to change jobs frequently . Encourage employees “ Do something , Love your line ”, In the process of doing gradually interest , Eventually grow into an expert .

The company allows employees the opportunity to choose jobs , But first of all, we should obey the distribution in our work , Run in as soon as possible , Let the thought spark flash out in our own work , Slowly fall in love with this job . If you find it inappropriate , There are also opportunities for exchange . But don't look at that mountain , As a result, no mountain can be climbed , Finally, he was eliminated by the company .“ Do something , Love your line ; Love your line , Do something ” It's relative , You can't love without limit , We can't change jobs without restriction .(1999 year )

11, from “ Lifting stones ” become “ To build a church ”

Huawei requires employees to understand the company's major goals , We should lead the daily work with the big goal of enterprise development , The meaning of this work is different , The quality of the work is also higher .

“ I once told a story to the marketing department : Fifty years ago, two young men were carrying stones to build a church , A wise man asked them :‘ What are you doing? ?’ A young man told him :‘ I'm lifting a stone ’. Another young man said :‘ I'm building a church .’ Fifty years later , Let's look back , They say that the people who carry the stones are still carrying them , Those who repair churches have become philosophers . Who told me the story ?

It was when a friend came to visit our company , He told me the story . He said that Huawei is now in business every day ‘ To build a church ’, Why? ? We aim at a big development goal , What we do is to do it every day ‘ Lifting stones ’, But the overall goal is to enhance the core competitiveness of the company . therefore , We are there every day “ To build a church ”, You may be able to do it in 50 years , Everyone can be a philosopher , entrepreneur , Or become a good manager and expert . Think about it , The general goal of your job in the company is to repair the church , And isn't your life goal changing ?”(1999 year )

12, Employees should adhere to self-criticism for a long time

Ren Zhengfei thinks that , Young people should have the spirit of self-criticism for a long time . One can only insist on self-criticism , To make progress . Inside the company , We must get rid of the idea of good face .

“ Most people go to work and become cautious people , If you don't get over that kind of caution , Huawei's development is not only a driving force , It could be a stumbling block , Not only can't make the company bigger , On the contrary, it will weaken the competitiveness of the company . Can really make Huawei faster , The better development is to rely on each employee to open himself up , We should strengthen the self criticism .

My only advantage is that I can correct my mistakes , No face , Such people are easy to find in the future , So it's not difficult to take over . Never deify a man , Otherwise, it will distort Huawei's value creation system , The company will collapse . because , Employees think they are creating value , The enthusiasm will be high , If the employee thinks that only one person is creating value , Enthusiasm will be lost .”(1999 year )

13, Don't have the mentality of wage earners

I hope employees don't think “ This company has nothing to do with me , I am a part-time worker ”. If this is always the case “ Wage earners ” Think of the problem in terms of ideas , We have not established a life and death concept with the company . Huawei calls on its employees to learn from others' meticulousness , Down to Earth Spirit

14, Strengthen self training , Beyond self

Training is important , But self training is more important . You really want to be a senior person , You have to train yourself , Only self training can achieve transcendence . Life is short , Youth is precious , Don't waste your time .

Dreams become great things , There must be “ Head suspension beam , Conodont strand ” The spirit of . anytime , There are opportunities for self-training anywhere . Open yourself up , Absorb other people's nutrition extensively , value highly one's time , Cherish opportunities , Find your own entry point in life , Strengthen self training , Beyond self .

Technical training mainly depends on one's own efforts , Instead of listening to other people's lectures every day . In fact, every post is receiving training every day , Training is everywhere , All the time . Successful people learn by themselves , Be an effective learner , Not passive inculcators , We should study hard and improve our level .(1999 year )

In a conversation with an employee , Ren Zhengfei mentioned how he was racing against the clock to learn from himself :“ I don't know how many hours you study a day , Can you show me a schedule of your day's homework ? I can tell you , How do I learn , If it's a two and a half hour flight to Beijing , I read books for at least two hours . I haven't played cards at night in my life , Dance , Singing , That's why I've made progress .”(2000 year )

15, More opportunities for dedicated employees

Serious and negative 责和管理有效的员工是华为最大的财富.尊重知识,尊重个性,集体奋斗的员工,是事业可持续成长的内在要求.