<>matlab2018a Installation tutorial for

First of all, it is given matlab2018a Baidu cloud link of installation package [https://pan.baidu.com/s/19zpWJUIKBovb08sKLWQ85g
If Baidu cloud link fails , You can trust me
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Software introduction :

MATLAB Is a commercial mathematical software , For algorithm development , Data visualization , Advanced technology of data analysis and numerical calculation, computing language and interactive environment , It mainly includes MATLAB and Simulink Two parts . Matrix operation can be performed , Drawing functions and data , Implementation algorithm , Create user interface , Programs connecting other programming languages, etc , It is mainly used in engineering calculation , Control design , Signal processing and communication , image processing , signal detection , Financial modeling design and analysis and other fields .

Installation procedure :

1. Right click the mouse “MATLAB 2018a_win64” Compressed package , Select unzip .

2. Open the unzipped folder , Right click the mouse “setup”, choice “ Run as Administrator ”.

3. Check “ Install key with file ”, Click next .

4. Check “ yes ”, Click next .

5. Enter the installation key :09806-07443-53955-64350-21751-41297, Click next .

6. Click to browse , Select the installation path of the software , I choose to install to D Discoid 3d In the document ( The file is large , about 23G, Installation to is not recommended C disc ), Then click next .

7. Users can choose the products to install , I choose to install all products here , Click next .

8. Click Install .

9. Software installation in progress , About 30 minute ( The better the computer configuration , The shorter the installation time required ).

10. Click finish .

11. Open the unzipped “MATLAB2018a_win64” folder , open “crack” folder .

12. copy “license_standalone.lic” File to installation path licenses In the folder ( My installation path is :D:\3d, So I want to copy the file to the path :D:\3d\licenses
In the document ).

13. copy bin Replace the file in the installation path : Open the “MATLAB2018a_win64” folder , copy Crack In the document R2018a Under folder “bin” File to the installation directory , And choose “ Replace file in destination ”.

14, Copy cracked folder Matlab 2018a Win64
Crack Under the R2018a Under folder bin Under folder win64 Files under folder netapi32.dll
, Then copy it to the Crack Under the R2018a Under folder bin file win64 Under the document , If you have the same name dll Replace the file

14. No desktop MATLAB Start shortcut for , In the installation path \bin lower , Right click the mouse “matlab” Select send to desktop shortcut .

15. Double click the desktop martlab Shortcut , execute .

I wish you a happy mathematical modeling ~~~~