A friend disclosed an incident to Lao Wang : Director of a company C Mr. Zhang made a big joke with his female colleagues , Handle by other departments VP Hold on , Report to the company CEO over there , cause C Mr. A was dismissed from the company .
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subsequently , Lao Wang understood the cause and effect of the incident in detail , It turned out to be ……

A company A Department Director H Mr B department VP After bullying ,A department VP Very angry , Looking for a chance to clean up B Departmental VP, Out of the rage for the brothers in our department .

A department VP It's a woman , When I take the elevator this day , Happened to meet B Department Director C Mr. A and his female colleagues in the company are joking with each other , He also said some dirty words , They talked and even touched people with their hands ……

This kind of behavior really makes A department VP I can't see it anymore , Criticized face to face B Department Director C sir , Let them pay attention to their own image , Don't destroy the company culture and so on .

That afternoon ,A department VP When reporting work , Directly put B Department Director C sir “ Molestation ” I told you about my female colleagues CEO. Because of the company CEO He is a man of three views , It's hard to accept such dirty behavior within the company , Inform the company immediately HR Let go of everything , Look into the matter immediately .

By the company HR investigation , It is true that some female colleagues have been slightly harassed , And collected evidence , Request director C Mr. Zhang resigned voluntarily .

That's it. , chief inspector C Mr. A has been dismissed . of course , The plot develops here , You may have guessed , chief inspector C Yes, sir B department VP The right man of .A department VP At last that's what happened .
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you 're right ,A department VP yes “ deliberately ” whole C sir , This is typical “ in bullying people watch out for powerful connections ”, Intended to kill B department VP The spirit of . from then on ,B department VP In the company's position is not as good as before ,H Mr. A's position in the company is gradually rising .

H Sir's counter attack , It is because of the support of department leaders . If not , It is estimated that his fate will be rewritten , It is likely to be frequently or for a long time B department VP When a monkey plays , It was unbearable in the end , Resignation .

This is the real workplace .

Lao Wang learned some details from the side , Better understand why A department VP This is the way to be subordinates H Sir, come forward . as a result of H Mr. Zhang is down-to-earth , stay A The performance of the Department is very good , It can be said that almost one person undertook half of the performance of the Department . meanwhile ,H And he's very loyal , On weekdays, departments are everywhere VP Think about it , therefore ,VP Nature returns the favor .

Workplace struggle is everywhere , Whether it's leaders or employees , We have to do it :

1, Performance is the foundation of workplace survival , It is also the premise of being recognized by leaders
. In the workplace , All employees with good performance , Most don't complain about the company and the boss all day , It's about putting your energy into your work . And those who didn't do well , A man with a heavy heart for gain and loss , Just started complaining about the company , Bad colleagues , The boss is not good. Wait , Like a garrulous white headed palace maid, it's disgusting .

It's like talking to a friend the other day , He said , Some employees always like to make excuses that the company is short of this and that , All kinds of limitations lead to their failure to complete their performance . But Lao Wang wanted to say , Even if everything is ready , This kind of employee is also unable to complete the achievement . therefore , If you encounter such a person, please dismiss immediately , Don't continue to waste the company's labor costs .

2, Please remember when you are in the workplace : You have only one boss , It's your direct leader
. Many people in the workplace don't understand this , Until he was fired by the company , And complain about it , Complain about that . I didn't even think about it , Is there something wrong with your cognition .

The company is big , The interests of the company's departments are solidified , As time goes on, there will be disputes over interests . A very interesting thing happened to a listed e-commerce company in Beijing . department A And departments B Two VP There was a little tension between the two , And the Department A An employee of B An employee exchange , In the end, both of them were dismissed by the head of their own department .
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Why fire ? The reason is simple , Because of the two people who were fired , Don't understand the rules of the workplace , hear nothing of “ There's only one boss ” The rules of the world , That's why I lost my job .

therefore , People must remember in the workplace : You have only one boss , Always stand with the boss , In order to have a better career development .

3, In the workplace , You have to learn to hold your thighs
. The so-called holding thigh is to follow the leader , Only with the right leadership can we develop better , In the end, he became a leader . If you can't hold your thighs , Not with the leaders , So you want to be a leader , I'm afraid there are no doors .

the other day , Lao Wang chats with an old professional driver . He summed it up very well : People in the workplace , Want to be the leader , He must learn how to be a good boy first , Otherwise , You don't even have a chance to be a little brother .


Write it at the end

In addition to the above workplace rules to learn , And remember : Don't get involved in the love affair in the company , This is something that no company leader wants to see .

Lao Wang reminds employees , Be sure to do it in the company :

first , Company money , don't move , Once you move the boss's money , It's one step closer to the prison gate .

second , Women in the company , don't move , Once you move a woman in the company , It's not far from the time to go .

third , Improve your ability and EQ , BIDO 10 Ten thousand dollars is still important .