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In fact, among many students , For those who want to learn it For technical people , How to learn it technology , As an undergraduate or even a software related professional students , Do you want to train to improve your programming ability , Naturally, there are many articles on the Internet , about it Training is mixed , Even some big companies are now biased against students from training institutions , In terms of my own experience, I would like to talk about whether I should take part in the training , I am also an undergraduate in Nanchang , Studying in a university in Nanchang , Internet of things related majors in Software College , At present, it is also training in a training company in Nanchang java back-end . I'd like to talk about it from my existing experience , Should undergraduate students participate in training or as interns to train to find a better job and future .

First of all, I am also in contact with the current training company , I thought it over before I came to attend , I'm not recommending you to train here , Please consider it according to your own situation , I am a junior , I plan to practice at the end of my junior year to increase my internship experience , When I went to interview the internship company , honestly , Many internship companies that come to our school also know our level , The written questions and interviews are very basic and simple , But social recruitment is totally different , In fact, we all know , During the internship period, the company is seriously squeezing the labor force of students , One month's salary is to buy your own food , Of course, the purpose of internship is to learn something in the company , It is a good choice for autumn recruitment or for the tips of one's ability and the richness of resume . I also hold this mentality to practice , Found a friend company in Nanchang internship , The company is quite large, to be honest , It is a large outsourcing service company in China , I worked there for two weeks , And then he quit , Actually, I worked there for more than two weeks , The company mainly uses its own framework , I haven't even opened mine these days eclipse programming , The company's requirement is as long as you have certain java Basics , It's enough to develop directly with his own framework , I naturally feel that if this is not conducive to my future development , After all, I won't work in this company all my life ,

Suppose I change jobs , My ability is still at that level , Other companies don't use this framework , Then I'm not GG 了 . After consideration , Quit and find a good small company , To learn about the company , Later also participated in a lot of intern recruitment , But social recruitment is exactly the same as school enrollment , What small companies want is that you can produce directly , I don't have time to train you , Nature is difficult , After a few failures, they realized that their abilities were really poor , What the school teaches is some basics , Even the most commonly used frameworks in the market have not been studied , Also regret that they did not learn, self-study , Later, I interviewed a training company ( Many training companies are trying to recruit people like this , If you're not good enough, let you train ), I admit I'm not strong enough , Go back and think about it , Or come to the training , Because my own situation is that self-study ability is too poor, and it is a waste of time , stay it On the road of , Unless you have a lot of perseverance , Strong self-study ability , Enough time , Of course, self-study and watching videos are enough , Once I thought about going home and learning by myself , hold java All those things are finished. I'm looking for a job in autumn recruitment , But a lot of times I don't want to do it myself , Watch the video like this , I feel like I forget it soon after I read it , Maybe I'm too lazy , Maybe the habit of learning , Don't want to knock , It's hard to solve problems , Even install one oracle It takes a day , It's really bad , In fact, we should have a consensus , The students' programming ability is very poor , You type too little code in school , honestly , Most of the students in my major have a poor foundation , Little typing code . Don't want to do it , This is the state of most people . I'm one of those scum . Why is it slag , Suppose you go csdn Or find a big company's social recruitment topic , Try how much you can make , Do you have project experience . It's a real project , You can tell me how to do it , What projects were used , What functions are realized , The project is the most able to reflect a person's ability , Let's not be shameful about the lesson set by those little teachers , If you don't even have a project you can handle, assume you're a company hr Why do I want a useless person , also , Unless you are 985,211 Good university , technology , Ability is the king , If you are better than a technical student , Why do I want you to be an undergraduate . Maybe I'm a little one-sided , But that's what I understand it industry . I'm also a college student who has been studying for three years .

To the training company , They have systematic training and fast-food courses , Teachers are also generally experienced and interviewers , Naturally, the interview topics will be exposed in the future , The biggest benefit is that , He can force you to do it , Do it there for a day , The hand is basically put on the computer code , Naturally, your hands-on skills will increase , Even if it is copying code, as long as you have your own understanding, copying code is very helpful to enhance your own hands-on ability . And my feeling is , What I learned in a week , Why do schools have to study for a whole semester . I remember the most , What I learned in a week, such as oracle database , The school seems to have been studying for a semester , Of course, I also agree that there is more knowledge about school theory , But in the end, through hands-on and more practice, these theoretical knowledge can be applied in practice , This is the solid and best way to learn knowledge , In my class, there are many professionals or social people learning programming , From a professional student's point of view , We are better than them in theoretical knowledge and more , The most important aspect is algorithm and data structure , We have a lot of contact . But in the end, I felt like I had learned the same thing , The biggest advantage is that we have more room for improvement in the future , We can go deeper into knowledge ,

And what they learned was java More superficial things , This is where training is not good , Less time , The science of nature is not so deep , In this way, it is also a place where large companies have more opinions on training institutions , It's just a pure farmer . But for small companies , Or many companies he wants is Manon, because there are few deep-seated researchers . So if you guys are still students , Learn algorithm and data structure well , After learning well, the development will be very good . This is what people have suggested to you . Of course, I also have a lot of self-taught people around me , They don't have to train at all , Because they have learned a lot , One of them is an internship ALBB He was also envied at that time , But every school needs a God , Others pay more , Very hard , Naturally, there will be good returns , Basically in the University, he is between the laboratory and the classroom , So don't waste that time in college , Self study , Don't expect the teacher to teach , Learn by yourself , Find your own resources , Designated learning plan . How much do you learn , The payoff is great . And we have to do it , Do it . For those self-control is not good, like me, self-study is poor , No self-study ability , Or go to the training to lay the foundation , By the way, there's more , You should be optimistic about the company when you practice , Big companies have the benefits of big companies , Small companies are the places to learn , Never outsource . Practice knowledge is the most important , Later, I found that many students who went to internship in summer vacation finally quit their jobs and came back . I feel like I have said so much and I don't know what I'm writing , In a word , Training has both advantages and disadvantages , But in my opinion, if you have a poor foundation , Also want to find their own professional work , A good training company is very important , Look for better ones , And don't waste time , Keep learning , have a look jvm,linux,java Working mechanism , memory management , Recovery mechanism …. You have a lot to learn , Continuous learning is the key . Because I haven't finished , After two months , I finished learning , Let's share the job search .