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In fact, many students, For want to learnit For technical people, How to learnit technology, As an undergraduate or even a software related major, Do you want to go to training to improve your programming ability, There are many articles on, aboutit Different opinions on training, Even some big companies now have some biases against students from training institutions, I would like to talk about whether I should attend the training in terms of my experience, I am also an undergraduate in Nanchang, Study in a college in Nanchang, Internet of things related major of Software College, At present, it is also training in a training company in Nanchangjava back-end. I'd like to talk about it in terms of my existing experience, Whether we should take part in training as undergraduates or as interns has found a better job and future.

First of all, I was exposed to this training company, I thought about it before I came here, I'm not recommending training here, Please consider according to your own situation, I'm a junior, I plan to go to the internship after my junior year to increase my internship experience, When I went to interview the internship company, Honestly, A lot of internship companies coming to the school also know our level, The written questions and interviews are very basic and simple, But social recruitment is totally different, As you all know, During the internship period, the company severely squeezed the labor force of students, A month's salary means buying your own food, Of course, the purpose of internship is naturally to learn things in the company, It's a good choice for autumn recruitment, or for your ability tips and rich resume. I also practice with this attitude, Found an internship with a friend company in Nanchang, The company is quite big, to be honest, It is a large outsourcing service company in China, Worked there for two weeks, And then I quit, Actually, I've been there for more than two weeks, The company mainly uses its own framework, I haven't even opened mine these dayseclipse programming, The requirement of the company is as long as you have certainjava Basics, It's enough to develop directly with his company's own framework, I naturally feel that if this is not good for my future development, After all, I won't work in this company all my life,

If I change jobs, My ability is still that level, Other companies don't use this framework, Then I am not.GG 了. After consideration, Quit to find a good small company, To learn about the company, I also took part in a lot of intern recruitment, But social recruitment and school recruitment are exactly the same, What small companies want is that you can produce directly, I don't have time to train you, Natural problems are difficult, After several failures, they realized that their ability was really poor, What the school teaches is also some foundations, Even the most commonly used frameworks on the market have not been studied, I regret that I didn't learn by myself, Interview with a training company later( This is how many training companies recruit people, If you're not strong enough to train), I admit I'm not strong enough, Go back and think about it, Come to the training, Because my own situation is that my self-study ability is too poor and my time is wasted, stayit On the road, Unless you have a lot of willpower, Strong self-study ability, Enough time, Of course, self-study and watching videos are enough, Once I thought about going home and learning by myself, holdjava Those things are all finished. I'm looking for a job in autumn recruitment, But many times I don't want to do it myself, Watch the video like this, I feel like I forgot it soon after reading it, Just blame yourself maybe too lazy, Maybe learning habits, Do not want to knock, It's hard to solve problems, Or even install It's going to take a day, Really bad, In fact, we should have a common understanding, Students' programming ability is very poor, You're typing too little code at school, too little code, Honestly, Most of the students in my major have poor foundation, Few code knocks. Do not want to start, This is the state of most people. I'm one of those scum. Why is it slag, Suppose you go.csdn Or find a social recruitment problem for a large company, Try how much you can make, Do you have project experience. It's my real project, You can tell me how to do it, What items are used, What functions are implemented, A project is the best embodiment of a person's ability, Let's not lose face with those little teachers' settings, If you don't even have a winning project, assume you're a companyhr Why do I want a useless person, Also, Unless you are985,211 Good university, technology, Ability is the king, If a college student is better than you, Why do I want you to be an undergraduate. Maybe I'm one-sided, But that's what I understandit industry. I've been a college student for three years.

To the training company, They have systematic training and fast-food courses, Teachers usually have work experience and interviewers, Naturally, the interview questions will come into contact in the future, The biggest benefit is, He can force you to do it, Do a day there, Hands are basically on the computer to code, Naturally, it's the enhancement of your hands-on ability, Even copying code with your own understanding is very helpful to enhance your own hands-on ability. And my feelings are, What I learned in a week, Why does the school have to study for a whole semester. I remember what impressed me most, What I learned in a week, likeoracle data base, The school seems to have been studying for a semester, Of course, I also agree that school theory has a lot of knowledge, But in the end, only through hands-on and more practice can we apply these theoretical knowledge in practice, This is the best way to learn knowledge, There are also many specialists or social people in my class who are learning programming, From a student's point of view, We are better than them in theoretical knowledge and more, The most important is algorithm and data structure, We have a lot of contacts. But in the end I felt the same, The biggest advantage is that we have a lot of room to improve in the future, We can go deeper into knowledge,

And all they're learning isjava More superficial, This is also a bad place for training, Less time, The science of nature is not that deep, In this way, it is also the place where large companies have opinions on training institutions, It's just a pure farmer. But for small companies, Or a lot of companies, he wants Minoan, because there are only a few people who study the deep level. So if you guys are still students, Study algorithms and data structures, The development will be very good after learning well. This is the advice from someone who came here. Of course, there are many self-taught people around me, They don't have to train at all, Because they've learned a lot, One of them went to practiceALBB At that time, I was also envious of him, But every school needs a God, Others pay more, Very hard, There will be good returns, Basically in college, he's between the lab and the classroom, So don't waste your time in College, Study hard, Don't expect the teacher to teach you, Self study, Find your own resources, Specify learning plan. You learn much. The rewards are great.. There's more to do, Do it yourself.. It's not good for self-control. It's not good for self-study like me, No self-study ability, It's better to go to the training to lay a solid foundation, By the way, and, Be optimistic about the company during the internship, Big companies have the advantages of big companies, Small companies are the place to learn, Never outsource. Practical knowledge is the most important, Later, I found that many students who went to practice in summer vacation finally quit their jobs and came back. I feel like I've said so much and I don't know what I'm writing, In a word, Training has advantages and disadvantages, But in my opinion, if you have a poor foundation, I want to find a job in my major, A good training company is very important, Look for something better, And don't waste time, Continuous learning, Have a lookjvm,linux,java Working mechanism, memory management, Recovery mechanism…. You have a lot to learn, Continuous learning is the key. Because I haven't finished, After two months, I'm done with it, Let's share the job search.