I watched it for a long time , Finally, I understand a problem .

Most people don't know why HR Will ask this question .

There will also be a lot of people asking what to do with back tone .


So let's have a look first ,HR When asked this question , What do you care about ?

Someone will say , You're not HR, how did you know? HR What's on your mind ? Guess why I know HR What do you think ?


First thing , Make sure you were fired from your last company .


This is a very important thing , It may be written on the resignation certificate , Maybe not . When asked about the reasons for leaving , You can assume that HR There are only two answers in my mind : Those who have been expelled and left voluntarily .

Which one do you think is more reliable ?


The second thing , Make sure you are stable enough in a company , Is there a contract dispute with the last company .


Did you leave because you didn't get along well with your colleagues ? Is it because they can't communicate with their superiors ? Did you leave because you didn't like the atmosphere of the company ? Is it because of their own reasons, such as often asking for leave, sick, having something to go back home, boyfriend and girlfriend breaking up, or simply tired and want to rest and leave ? Is it because of the pressure of work ?


There is no perfect company , A little more rustic , Companies in the world are generally black .

No company has any problems of its own , Management confusion , The boss patted his head to make a decision , mean + Squeeze labor , I think you work less and get more money , Unclear business direction , Colleagues are so wonderful and so on . Is there a good company ? Only in a certain period of time, there will be some good companies in a certain department . Which company has no one to make complaints about the boss's entry? ?


The third thing , Make sure you are stable in this company .


In the previous description process , Have you ever said that you don't like the company? Your company won the bid ?



I understand the above three questions , Go and see how to answer this question .

About back tone , Most of the professional back tune companies , Most of them focus on one thing : Was he expelled .



Including exit certificate , Besides proving that you work for the last company , The most important value is to prove that you have nothing to do with the last company . quite a lot HR When you said there was no exit certificate , Will let you write a statement :


I have XXX Company turnover , If there is a legal dispute with the original company , All responsibility is on my own .





Let's start with a few bad answers .

1. The last company is too tired .

2. The management of the last company was chaotic .

3. My last company didn't give me a raise .

4. I was ostracized by the employees of the last company .

5. I didn't learn much in the last company .

6. Working hours are too long. I want to take a break .

7. There's something at home , Back , Just came from home .

8. The last company went out of business .

9. My last company owes me wages .

10. The Department was laid off



The following answers are recommended .

1. I changed cities .

2. The company moved to another city .

3. The company moved , It's too far away , It's really inconvenient .


Do you see any way .

I've been through a lot , I understand , Except for political correctness , There is another statement , It's about being what others expect .

Whether it's work or emotion , Not many people care what you look like .

They just want to hear an acceptable answer .


( Read the comments for a long time , Finally, I understand what the problem is , Here's the recommendation , It means if you are the actual situation , Or it can explain the past , That's how it works , It doesn't mean anyone says the company has moved .)



When asked why you left your last company , I don't really sympathize with you , I don't really care about your company's gossip , I don't really think you have nothing to learn from your last company , I don't really think the company is treating you badly .


Maybe a few people are curious , I want to hear from you .

Some people may want to see what kind of person you are from your answers .

But most people know one thing : What you did to your last company , There's a good chance that it'll happen again in this company .


therefore , When you hear this question , You should understand , This is the time , What everyone expects is not a real answer , It's a simple answer that everyone agrees with .


As to whether the answer is true , How many stories do you hide in the middle , Save it for later when we add wine .



Including exit talks , Even if you have more dissatisfaction with the company , There are more expectations and suggestions .

In fact, they can't compare with each other : The company is very good , It's my own reason for wanting to quit .



This truth has to go through a lot of things , It will take a long time to understand .

You are always you , Good and bad , All kinds of things I've been through , The real you , And someone else expects you to be , It's not exactly the same .

You might say , No , I just want to be a real self .


No problem , You can choose that , You can wait for someone or a company to recognize you , I can hear you .

But more likely , You won't be able to see through you in just an hour of the interview .


Others said , Such lies are easy to find out , you 're right , Then you can find a way to choose one that's not easy to break through , A reasonable way .


alike , If you're in a familiar industry , Then choose a reason that everyone agrees with in this industry .

Put a mask of reality on your real self , Most of the time, we are tacit .



Finally, I would like to add , In fact, the point is to illustrate a principle :
What people expect is often not the real you , It's a reasonable you .


Under this principle , You know , All of the recommended and not recommended recommendations listed are uncertain , As long as you remember this principle , Whether it's looking for a job or getting along with a girlfriend , It's wonderful .




=== I am in a better mood =========


I'd like to add it again .

The three answers above , I don't want you to copy the gourd .

But more and more , A lot of people just don't have this kind of window paper that will break at a time .


So I have to say it again , If these reasons are not appropriate .

How do I say this? ?


What are the attributes of the company you are applying for , It can be said .

If it's a big company , You're a small company , You can say , I've been in a small company for a long time , Think of a big company and see it .

If it's a small company , You're a big company , You can say , I've been in a big company for a long time , Career ceiling is just around the corner , I want to try it in a small company , Do you have room to play your talent .


If the other party is a start-up company , You can say you want a more challenging job .

If the other party is a state-owned enterprise , You can say you want a more stable job .

If the other party is a foreign enterprise , What do you want to learn from foreign management .


What they want to hear , Hide your true thoughts , About back tone , It's not for you to tear a lie , working hours , work experience , It's the point , Reasons for leaving , The back tone only wants to know if you were fired , Is there any labor dispute , Is there a confidentiality agreement .


Last, last , Why not say that the previous salary can not be paid out ?

Don't let yourself start over as a loser , It's not that you can't do it at all , It's not necessary to say that or talk about it .

In other words, think about it , You come out of a company , Go to a new company , It was poached .

You came out of a failed company , Go to a new company , It was taken in .


Some details , I'll learn it by myself , Don't rush to refute , Don't be in a hurry to argue about what you like , What is it like .

Don't talk about chicken soup .


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