First, Thank you very much <> Providing such a valuable opportunity( Relevant reports of the conference:19 day
<>,20 day
, It's about how we use the Internet, Big data combined with students' cognitive laws and so on. Conference video introduction link
<>, The details are as follows:

01-> Our lecture notes are quite different from other guests, No cutting-edge knowledge, technological innovation, etc, It's mainly about how to apply these innovations in education. Entrusted by Liu BoROS Some work of robot education. In fact, my heart is very scared, Because I don't have a lot of work, Many are trying, It's just an exchange of experience, I hope you can correct the mistakes. I want to explain my understanding of education, In fact, it's not a direct field of technological innovation, Is the field of Applied Technology Innovation.

02-> These are the four main parts of the speech, First, a brief introductionROS, Why chooseROS As a carrier of robot education, The second is some of the online and offline participation of EkoROS Activity experience, Inspiration and related data sharing, Then I will introduce my exploration and attempt in robot teaching in Colleges and universities, Finally, the summary and Prospect.

03-> First let's take a lookROS, Robot control involved, algorithm, Simulation and other aspects, The theory of robot, programming, Organic integration of simulation and Practice( stayROS To integrate, Not a simple combination), This is our choiceROS An important reason for.



06-> Deadline2017 year, More than2800 Developers involved, Accumulated contribution450 Ten thousand lines of core code and open source.


08->ROS1 Not completely independent of the operating system. system, software package, network,ROS Relationship with peripherals. Based on these correlations and internal relations, Four courses on Robotics, And willROS Practical link applied to curriculum.
Robot system design and control technology, This paper mainly introduces the basic design method and theory of robot, And introduceROS Basics; Robot Perception and information fusion technology
, This paper mainly introduces the sensors and correlation filtering algorithm used by robots, And useROS Show me how to connect these sensors, And apply these algorithms, etc; Human computer intelligent interaction technology
, Mainly about the common human-computer interaction mode, Such as graphical interface, speech recognition, Object recognition, Understanding of environment modeling, Gesture interaction, etc, And useROS Explain the practice link; Comprehensive training of intelligent robot
, Reorganize and integrate the above special knowledge points, Strengthen the application ability of students. Independence of four courses, Relevance, Clear hierarchy, Design robots andROS Many aspects, It is convenient for students to understand the internal relationship of curriculum( Meaning of learning these courses), Both knowledge migration and skill training.

09->( Continuous update and development of information technology, The problem of timeliness of knowledge begins to be highlighted, Courses need to be closely integrated with cutting edge) The picture above showsROS 2 AndROS 1 Comparison of overall architecture: ROS
1 Main supportUbuntu.ROS 2 Bottom basedDDS Communication mechanism, Real time support, Embedded system, Distributed, Multi operating system, IncludeLinux,windows,Mac,RTOS etc.. ROS
1 Communication use ofTCPROS/UDPROS, rely onmaster, andROS
2 The communication system of is based onDDS, nothingmaster, At the same timeROS2 Provided internallyDDS Abstract layer implementation of, With this abstraction layer, Users can ignore the underlyingDDS Which merchant'sAPI.
ROS 2 At present, it hasUbuntu Xenial,OS X El Capitan as well asWindows
10 Tested and supported on, And the first official version has been released.( Training students' skills of comparative learning)

10-> Guide students to pay attention to differences, Think about why these improvements have been made.

11-> A large number of robots provideROS Interface or direct useROS, Widely applied, Versatility.

12-> In basic understandingROS after, Brief introductionROS Teaching and research system, It is divided into two parts: occupation and College, We don't just introduce promotionROS, In vocational trainingROS Robot knowledge supplement in, Some supplement in robot theory in College TeachingROS Practice content, For different trainers, Set up personalized training scheme.

13-> About the founder

14-> These are some network resources, Continuous optimization and improvement, Blog at the beginning, video, And then there's a mirror image, To the platform of online learning practice, The goal is to lower the threshold of learning, Later, I will introduce it in detail. Video sharing from a single source, Share to image, And then I found some problems, Perfect for problems, Now it's easy to learn through one web pageROS. It has been released less than half a year3000+ user, A lot of feedback, A lot of valuable experience, Expand the explanation.

15-> Shenzhen chuangxiang future robot Co. Ltd <> The curriculum plan of University, Characteristic is learning in practice.

16-> Open class-- Diversity

17-> Open class-- Hierarchy

18-> Although translated a lot of books, But we still recommend that you read the English materials directly, It's just to help reduceROS The threshold of learning.

19-> Two years of work, Use your spare time to visit many places, Mainly observe the opening of robot interest classes, Human demand of robot Enterprises, Robot teaching communication in Colleges and Universities, Discover different cities in robot education, Including universities and primary and secondary schools, The difference is huge.

Course data from the experimental building <>. Here is a very important question, Student“ Move on” And teachers.“ Look back
”, Popularly speaking, The knowledge that students learn is brand new, And the teacher is on the basis of mastering all knowledge, Organize and explain, This process belongs to different stages in psychological cognition. Teachers should grasp the key and difficult points and the explanation time of each knowledge point according to their own understanding, It is not suitable for students to study, The key and difficult points of feeling knowledge, The digestion time of knowledge points is also different. Traditional blog video and other ways can't get students' effective learning time, At present, according to the completion rate and effective learning time of students, It can accurately estimate the time spent by students at each knowledge point, Better distribution of teaching time, It would be too superficial to use only one function. Here is another important example, There is usually a class of students who are most easily ignored in teaching, It's about learning for a long time, But the learning effect is not so good, But if you use data, it's very obvious( Long effective learning time, Average completion), These students are usually introverted, Not much communication, If you have a problem, you have to think hard, Apply the data, Take the initiative to care for and help these students, To make them grow better and faster. The course Q & A can also well understand the problems that students are interested in and the key and difficult points of students' perspective.

20-> Sum up, The above is the introduction and experience of some of our work. We have always been committed to making it easy, Novel, interesting and enlightening robot courses.

21-> Make the classroom a laboratory, Make theory close to life. The teaching mode of knowledge transfer and thinking training, Developing instructional design.
How to combine fresh knowledge with rigorous thinking? First, To answer a question:
Why? I have considered the following three questions.

22-> First question, The problem of talent training and talent gradient( The gap between artificial intelligence and robot talents is large). There are three aspects to consider( The fault of uneven distribution of educational resources):
1 break of default in the continuity of talents
High cost, Resource waste coexists, High starting salary of relevant talents in key universities, It's difficult for colleges and universities to find jobs.
Division of labor is difficult due to talent fault, From top to bottom, Unable to complete successfully, Competent“ Horizon”, It's subordinates“ Ceiling”.
2 Culture cycle
No good thinking training, etc, No lifelong learning, etc( Old ideas like iron rice bowl), Directly meet the ceiling after the fault, Unable to grow, Can't form a virtuous circle.
3 The replacement of job opportunities by intelligent robots, Leading to the continuous improvement of talent requirements
Sooner or later, standardized work will be replaced by artificial intelligence and robots, Standardized education can not cultivate personalized talents. Mingming is learning more and more knowledge, Why is it more and more useless?

The first is about market demand and human development, What kind of courses do we need to make students study best, Highest efficiency.

23-> What kind of courses conform to human nature and cognitive law, Efficient and dynamic?
Existing courses such as engineering courses, Divide chapters by knowledge and technology, Whether to consider the cognitive laws of different students in different schools. A case of teaching plan design from students' Cognition.
Qualified procedures-- Elegant program-- Differences between breakthrough procedures.
summary, It's better for students to take the initiative to learn than to speak well. What are the characteristics of Robotics?

24-> Cross discipline, Technology and art, The difference between fusion and combination. So how to do it?

25-> Like sailing, like climbing, It's not a simple way to tell students the route of navigation and mountaineering. It's about teaching them the skills and essentials of sailing or mountaineering, Let them choose their own way freely, Some are fast, some are slow, But eventually we can reach the destination and the top of the mountain, Enjoy your own scenery.

Teach students in accordance with their aptitude, Thousands of people, thousands of faces and thousands of faces( Taishi Gongyan, All the people in the world are for profit, The world is bustling). Maximizing the interests of students is the original intention of Education, Preaching and education.

What is the essence of Education? Let students know themselves, Knowledge of the world, Know what you can do, What kind of talents does society need, Combined with our continuous efforts, Take your own life path.

Recommended reading, Click to open.
( Excerpts from the text: The purpose of education is not just to impart knowledge, Teaching skills, We need to teach people to find a sense of direction.)

26-> School buses in the United States, What the students saw out of the window was the view of Mars.

27-> Starting from the common sweeping robot of students, Draw knowledge, Robot mathematical modeling, Derivation of kinematic model, Knowledge transfer from model to formula program, Messaging mechanism, To robot simulation, Algorithm test, And finally back to the robot itself, Lab into classroom, Practical middle school theory. From life, Belong to life.

28-> Explain from trying to break the rigid thinking, Open and inclusive thinking, Reuse fragmented time for effective learning.

29-> Design Teaching in the way of game, Interestingness, Experience the fun of learning in competitive environment. Happy learning atmosphere conflicts with rigorous thinking ability.

30-> Learning skill points, Plan the course by designing the game, Turn the key and difficult points into fighting monsters and upgrading, Enjoy learning.

31-> Let's have a look at this story and have a good time, Right picture, At the end of each term, some teachers will receive such expression packs, We are furious, Chinese picture, Only a third of children have computers, Many can't get online yet, We mourn its misfortune
, In the end, a lot of people became spectators, Think this is destiny, Left picture, Like the great protector- Prince Jinjiang and peanut man- The line of, Kiln exit, Stereotype. Is that true? Sometimes I hear a word, There must be something hateful about poor people, This is reality. But I prefer the reverse, There must be pities in a hateful man, This is compassion. Education needs compassion, Need humanistic care. The rapid development of artificial intelligence and Robotics, Education is also on the rise, But I deeply hope that the progress of science and technology can narrow the educational gap between children from different families, At the same time, I firmly believe that,
In the sunshine of socialism, Whether rich or poor, All should enjoy equal right to education.