( One ) Enable win10 Subsystem Linux

 Win10 The first anniversary edition is available for Windows Of Linux Subsystem function , Verified by the senior brother of the laboratory , Enough for daily development , So choose to open the subsystem , Avoid the trouble of dual system .

step 1:

Open control panel — Procedures and functions — Enable or disable Windows function -- Check for Linux Of Windows Subsystem -- Click OK -- Reset computer

step2: get into Windows 10 set up — Update and security — For developers — Check developer mode --- Reset computer

step3: Open a command prompt in administrator mode --- input bash enter --- input Y download
Ubuntu[tips: If you can't download , Copy the given URL to enter Windows Store Download Ubuntu Distribution ]

step4: Follow the prompts to create a new account after downloading successfully , Set password . After that, you just need to doc Middle input bash Access to the subsystem .

tips: Common commands

* 1. establish root user ( Highest authority )sudo passwd root
2. Create new users
adduser yourname
3. User switching
su yourname