( One) Enablewin10 Sub systemLinux

 Win10 The first anniversary edition is available forWindows OfLinux Subsystem function, Verified by the senior brother of the laboratory, Enough for daily development, So choose to open the subsystem, Avoid the trouble of dual system.

step 1:

Open control panel— Procedures and functions— Enable or disable Windows function-- Check for Linux Of Windows Subsystem-- Click OK-- Reset computer

step2: Get into Windows 10 Set up— Update and security— For developers— Check developer mode--- Reset computer

step3: Open a command prompt in administrator mode--- input bash Enter--- input Y download
Ubuntu[tips: If you can't download, Copy the given URL to enterWindows Store DownloadUbuntu Distribution version]

step4: Follow the prompts to create a new account after downloading successfully, Set password. After that, you just need todoc Input inbash Access to the subsystem.

tips: Frequently used commands

* 1. establishroot user( Highest authority)sudo passwd root
2. Create new users
adduser yourname
3. User switching
su yourname