It's been a failure in the last two years, Although there are many gains, I've seen a lot of successful methodologies, I think I need to do a good job2018 Year plan, Hope to2019 On New Year's Day, It doesn't feel like it's just age all year round, Without technical improvement, I don't know if you've felt like this for years, suddenly turn round, Nothing, I feel like my past is a blank, Did you live in vain???? Quack, There was a tradition of writing daily newspapers in a former unit, It was very boring, And then it turns out that it makes sense, Because from these daily newspapers, I can clearly see that my past days have not been wasted, I know exactly what I did in the past? After seeing it, I feel like I've been through it again.

Only a short while ago, I've made a lot of plans, But not completely implemented, Wish me2018 The year's plan can be carried out conscientiously:

1: Read a book every month, Either technical or non-technical, And then I can focus on what I think is more important, Write blog, Share with you;

2: Adhere to Luo Zhenyu's logical thinking, It's really dry, Profound truth, Let me know more about the world;

3: Learn technology well, As aIT Programmer, If you don't study, you will fall behind, Internet technology: one iteration in two years, It's too fast, StudySpringCloud Theoretical knowledge of, And then practice it through a small project, Then publish it to Baidu cloud, Or alicloud;

4: Take your family on a small trip, Three days or so;

5: Are there any public activities, Release conference,IT Related forums, Take part in two;

6: Go to another city, Visit some friends or classmates, At least one;

7: Join a community, Talk to you more, Long time as a programmer, Communication ability has declined;

8 : Three patents for invention( It's not that I'm interested in it, The company has requirements in this regard);

9: Research on logistics model based on genetic algorithm;

10: More and more artificial intelligence, I hope I can learn a little, And then it can be applied to our project, Even a little;

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To this day, I understand. Our great cause is not to change the world, It's about constantly changing yourself,push( promote) Go to the new onelimit( limit), Find and expand your boundaries, And small things like changing the world, It's just a byproduct of our progress.
Two recent lessons about success(1): Don't keep yourself comfortable all the time, Constantly challenge new heights, In this way, we can improve our own level;(2): Keep iterating what you think is right, Look back years later, I found myself standing at a very high altitude;