In the last article , I want to draw a picture , I've done my best , I use it now Mac
OS, It's obviously hard to use Visio Of , I am here 2011 I used it when I was young OmniGraffle, Self study VPN Block diagram of , But I don't think it works very well , Still want to use it Visio. But I've always been anti Microsoft , The only thing I like is their family Visio, There's no way . I need to find one that can be in Mac
OS Drawing software used on .

demand : I use Mac OS, I don't want to be in Windows Virtual machine in Visio, I want to draw a picture , What should I do? ?
solution : use OmniGraffle!

fact : I hate OmniGraffle

I found such an online drawing device :ProcessOn!
link : <>

This is an online drawing system , Just one URL And a browser . Oh, my God , This doesn't require anything to be installed on your system … only a short while ago , Some people are clamoring for a browser , I don't think so , even if it is Google Made one of these OS, I still don't think so , nowadays , When I have practical difficulties ,ProcessOn Solved my problem , I did !

This is Everything in the cloud Because of the trend of , All the computing is in the cloud , You just need a screen .

come , Look first ProcessOn Clean interface :

This needs to be registered , Just need your email , Use email to activate after registration , Then you can use it .

Click in the upper left corner ProcessOn, Go to the following page :

click newly build , It will be built :

Click to enter :

Then create a new blank file :

And then it's up to you , All Chinese , Suitable for English rookie like me , Don't try to be tall , Just express your thoughts .

this ProcessOn It's really convenient , than Visio It works , Especially in line alignment , That's great .

obviously , This is not a completely free software , How to pay , What are the free restrictions , I didn't go into it , I just finished my drawing , That's it , The others don't have a multi pronged approach . We will continue to look at its payment model later . of course , I still hope it's free software .

Anyway , That's enough .

Not much .