BI(Business Intelligence) Business intelligence, It's a complete solution, Used to effectively integrate existing data in the enterprise, Provide reports quickly and accurately and put forward decision basis
, Help enterprises make wise business decisions. It's a product/ service, This product/ Services may contain reports, Analysis, Management, etc. the use of computers and programming techniques to automate the behavior of some business processes
. For example: A report made by a fruit shop owner using business intelligence ordashboard Observe the flow of people in your shop, Purchase quantity, Buying time, Adjust your inventory and sales rhythm in time.
People who were in business before, Rely on intuition and experience. Now with the help of a computer, Data analysis can be used to reduce trial and error, Reduce the cost of wrong decisions, Understand why business is good. And business intelligence will do it all, Automate and simplify as much as possible

Data analysis is just a tool( A systematic way to analyze problems), It can be simple or complicated.

* A simple example: Most of the people who buy my products through analysis come from Beijing, Beijing is the city where my main consumers live.
* Examples of complex points: Establishing mathematical model by using statistical method. I want to100000 Find out among people100 Customers who are more likely to buy my products, By usinglogistic
regression To find these people in mathematical modeling.
No matter what your business model looks like, You use mathematical methods, Using data to prove your hypothesis can be called data analysis. So the profession of Data Analyst, It's a way of using mathematics, People who use data to prove assumptions.