OV7670 yes OV(OmniVision) One made by the company 1/6 Inch CMOS VGA image sensor . The sensor is small in size, Low working voltage, Provide single chip VGA
All functions of camera and image processor. adopt SCCB bus control, The whole frame can be output, Sub sampling, All kinds of resolution in the way of window 8 Bit image data. This product VGA Image up to 30
frame/ second. Users can fully control image quality, Data format and transmission mode. All image processing functions including gamma curve, White balance, Chroma and so on can pass SCCB Interface programming.

  At present, the author is still debugging the camera module, So the specific lower computer part, Will be recorded later.

  The source code of the host computer program <https://github.com/jack13163/OV7670>
Put it in.github upper, It contains the project file, If only the procedure is needed, You can email me. It should be noted that, The upper computer communicates with the lower computer through the serial port, therefore, For different lower computers, It needs different upper computers. There are still some imperfections in the upper computer of the author, If you need reference, Remember to modify it according to your lower computer, Or as I'm going to do next, Modify your lower computer program for testing, Here is theOV7670 Color bar test of.

1. Lower machine( Singlechip, What I use isSTM32ZET6( Core board))

The following is a single-chip computer simulation generated color bar program section

// Test of color bar generated by single chip microcomputer void OV7670_CreatColor() { uint16_t i,j,k = 0; uint16_t color = 0;
// Column buffer area uint16_t buff[320]; while(1) { // Data start( From top to bottom, From left to right) printf("data:\n");
for(i=0;i<240;i++) { printf("L");// Column validity for(j=0;j < 320;j++)// A list of { // Color bar generation 9E
F7,8D EF ,9E 3F,83 1F,FF F0,43 D9,95 28,82 10 if(i < 30) { color = 0x9EF7;
}else if(i < 60) { color = 0x8DEF; }else if(i < 90) { color = 0x9E3F; }else
if(i < 120) { color = 0x831F; }else if(i < 150) { color = 0xFFF0; }else if(i <
180) { color = 0x43D9; }else if(i < 210) { color = 0x9528; }else { color =
0x8210; } buff[j] = color; } // Prepare a list of data for(k=0;k<320;k++) { printf("%04X",
buff[k]);// Printing color bar } printf("\n"); } } }

 2. Host computer( UseC# andVS2015 Development)

The upper computer mainly receives the data sent by the lower computer, And display the data in thePictureBox in, Events that need to use serial port class to monitor whether data arrives


/// <summary> /// Serial data arrival event /// </summary> /// <param name="sender"></param>
/// <param name="e"></param> private void Sp_DataReceived(object sender,
SerialDataReceivedEventArgs e) { string data; Color[] colors; // Check whether the serial port is open if
(isOpen) { // Code areas where unexpected errors may occur try { // Detect whether to start sending data if
(sp.ReadLine().Equals("data:")) { start = true; } // Start reading data if (start) {
// Drawing images( Draw column by column) for (int Xcount = 0; Xcount < 240; Xcount++) { if (isOpen) {
// Read a row data = sp.ReadLine(); if (data.StartsWith("L"))// Column validity { colors =
RGBToBitmap(data.Substring(1)); } else { return; } } else { return; } for (int
Ycount = 0; Ycount < 320; Ycount++) { OvImage.SetPixel(Xcount, Ycount,
colors[Ycount]); } this.pbImage.Image = OvImage; } start = false;// End of receiving data } }
catch (Exception ex) { return; } } }
For the code of other parts, seegithub Code on, If there is a mistake, Welcome to criticize and correct, Test effect of simulated color strip.