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brief introduction

Cross border science and technology man with gorgeous hairstyle . many years 500 strong , Focus on the workplace . Understanding the lover's life , Love story . WeChat official account : Young master Yan (Yangongzi2015)

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Now, three years ago , I left Huawei , naked resignation .

At that time , The company is already at the top of the telecommunications industry .

5 month , I've offered to leave . Drag to 9 month , It's because the leaders want me to stay until the second half of the year , Carry an assessment for the Department C Indicators of .

In Huawei's performance appraisal system , Most departments will rigidly allocate performance A/B/C Assessment proportion of . Even if all of them do well all year round , It's inevitable that someone will be beaten C.

A, A big pay rise the next year + Rank promotion ;C, No pay rise or even demotion . Two years in a row C, Direct dismissal .

My team has played in a row C Dismissal .

Colleagues for family reunion , Want to transfer to our office . Not in the first year , But I'm leaving because of the revelation , Being beaten by the Department Leaders C; The next year came , The assessment is still in the hands of the original department , again C.

My leader and I appealed to our superiors about him . Response of a major leader in China : That's how the system works , Who knows if you've got a cover up ? This is what everybody does , How does such a big company work ?

therefore , A diligent and practical technical backbone , He was dismissed . There's no turning point .

My departure was more or less affected by this , I think Huawei's system is too inhumane , Add a few factors , My departure is more or less emotional . so to speak , At that time, I looked at Huawei , Biased and one-sided .

The next three years , I play we media , produce a novel , biography , Copywriting planning , And start a business with a friend , Started a cultural company , Say goodbye to communication circle .

nowadays , Mistakes and detours , I have to admit it —— For entrepreneurs , To some extent, Huawei's wolf culture , It is worth learning from .

1. Talk less about feelings and pay more

2016 end of the year , My partner Lao Yang and I founded a cultural company . He and I are both cross-border —— I'm in the communications industry , He's Insurance and pharmaceutical . We're both hot on Culture , Purely out of love .

At that time ,500 The strong aura has not faded , I also carry wishful optimism and a blind conceit , I thought it wasn't hard .

First thing to do , We gave the company a seemingly compelling positioning —— Make a home with temperature , Have feelings , Have a sense of belonging , New venture companies with a sense of happiness .

To implement “ Four Haves ”, We decided : No overtime , No clock in , Even four and a half days a week .

Regular group dinner , Weekly sharing meeting , Assign work according to employee's will and specialty , Father like kindness to employees' excuses for dereliction of duty . I also set up fitness corner in the company , Encourage people to exercise more , Keep in good condition .

These gimmicks did attract a lot of attention at first , A lot of people came here in admiration .

Everything looks good .

But it didn't last long , It should have been a few months , There were employees who resigned .

I was a little surprised . I'm quite nice to this employee , Cultivate carefully , Selfless Teaching , It can be done in two or three days a week .

Employees speak up : The salary is a little low . But she was embarrassed to raise the price , First, the workload is not heavy , Second, we know that the company's business situation is not very ideal . Think about it , find another job .

This surprised and reflected on Lao Yang and me .

We spend too much time building the so-called corporate culture , But it didn't focus on expanding business and channels , Every month , The company's books are not small deficits , Naturally, there is no way to raise the wages of employees .

What feelings would you like to talk to at this time , It's ridiculous and flashy .

During my stay in Huawei , I seldom hear people talk about feelings .

My leader has said many times : Come to Huawei , Including myself , It's to make money . Overtime is hard work , But make money . other , It's all bullshit .

That sounds rough , But now I feel that , It's true .

For the core staff of middle and senior levels , Maybe we can talk about the vision , strategy , Career planning , But for most grass-roots employees , It's too far, too far .

Ability to pay , They can even pay more than they expected , This is where a company can best express its feelings .

2. Boss inaction , It's the biggest crime against employees

Small business volume in the first year , Most employees are idle . In addition to external work , There are also internal activities , For example, we media of operating companies , Promote my novel .

Internal activity , No direct profit , Lao Yang and I will not do any assessment . Sometimes they forget to do it , We are just a gentle reminder .

The situation is that , Because I'm responsible for most of the content output , It turns out to be the busiest person in the company . Every day comes first , I'm the only one who works overtime at night , Employees 17 It's all on time at half past .

I occasionally make complaints about Lao Yang. , We are a wonderful company . Which start-up company have you ever seen where employees are at ease every day , Only the boss worked overtime to spit blood ?

But can employees be blamed ?

No , Or do we blame ourselves .

As a content creator , My creative level has made great progress , But as a boss , I obviously didn't do anything .

The loss of management and the looseness of system , It's my inaction .

Most of the staff are fresh graduates , There are also interns who have not yet graduated . They never really went into society , Naturally, there is no mature concept of work .

Our initial unintentional edification and wrong guidance , Let the pursuit of the people —— For example, the former employee chose to leave , And more are getting used to it . They will feel , Oh , original “ work ” That's it , It's quite relaxed .

Later, when I realized the problem , Talk to Lao Yang , That's not going to work , Or should we set performance appraisal . But it's late .

The month when the performance system was launched , Three employees offered to leave . After leaving , They immediately deleted my wechat and Lao Yang's .

One of the employees sent a circle of friends to scold the former boss from time to time ( Lao Yang and I ), How abnormal is the request , How to be hard on her .

One of the employees who agreed with us cut the picture , To Lao Yang .

Lao Yang is depressed : She was there , We're both nice to her , How to open your eyes and tell lies ? White eyed Wolf !

I said , The wolf is raised by others , We raise white eyed wolves , Isn't it time to reflect ?

A few months later , according to “ Informant ” say , The former employee has changed jobs in succession , It doesn't take long each time , Every time I scold the boss in the circle of friends . The main idea is , It's impossible to work , The boss is very abnormal .

Hear the news , I don't feel gloating at all , I feel very sad instead .

The employee entered the company as a fresh graduate , It's a piece of white paper . She became what she is now , My inaction with Lao Yang , Maybe it's the original sin .

as a warning for the future , We have made major adjustments to our business , Shrink the center of gravity , Lay off non core employees .

I still remember how I treated those laid off employees , First of all, I'm sorry .

I said , I wanted to create a relaxed and comfortable environment , But it gives you an illusion you shouldn't have . Our laissez faire , Negligence and omission , Not let you exercise a good core competitiveness , It's not good for your future . Real work shouldn't be like this . We're really sorry .

When I say that , I think of the former employee who used to scold the boss in the circle of friends , I think of my years in Huawei .

That year , Rigorous assessment system , Always pushing me to run as fast as I could —— No one wants to be beaten C.

Ren Zhengfei, leader of Huawei , The Phoenix is the bird that can't burn to death .

In terms of the hundreds of people who have left Huawei I am in contact with at present , Talking about Huawei , Their most frequent word , Thank you .

Wolf culture , It deeply shaped the tenacity and struggle of former Huawei people , Never say die fighting spirit . This spirit , So that they can overcome difficulties in new areas , be benefited in every way .

therefore , Thanks to these Nirvana reborn Phoenix , From the heart .

Comparatively speaking , Our inaction , Is the biggest crime against employees .

I don't know the employees who were dismissed by me and Lao Yang , What's going on now , if only , They all gained their own growth in the end .

3. Stop excuses , Is the most professional embodiment

I wrote an article when I just left Huawei , There is my personal understanding of wolf culture .

The so-called wolf sex , It's an extremely keen sense of smell , Strong goal orientation , The spirit of never giving up until the goal is achieved , The ruthlessness of any means to achieve an end , Unfeeling accountability when failure to achieve .

During my stay in Huawei , The most impressive thing around me , It's the old town of Lijiang 4G Network construction .

at that time , Lijiang network belongs to other manufacturers . Because the ancient city is the core scenic spot , Property is extremely difficult to coordinate , We can't talk about the site , It is difficult to do construction work step by step .

Divided by work interface , Operators should be responsible for site property coordination , The work can not be carried out , The manufacturer has no way .

Huawei was informed of this information , Keenly aware of , This is an excellent breakthrough point to expand market share .

The representative of our office immediately called the top person in charge of relevant departments to hold an emergency meeting , A death order was issued : We must conquer the ancient city of Lijiang 4G Network construction and operation and maintenance .

Successfully achieved , Promotion and big salary increase for everyone , At the same time, apply to China for various awards , bonus . can't finish , Class is over .

All the middle and high-level officials received military orders , They're all killed . No matter the wind or the sun , No work interface , Guarding the ancient city every day , Fighting wits and bravery against all forces , You have the spirit of not breaking Loulan .

The battle of the whole people , It shocked the stubborn property management personnel of the ancient city , At the sight of Huawei, people turn around and run away . after all , I've never seen anything like this , Return Gang operations to encircle, chase and intercept , It's terrible .

final result , Of course, it went in smoothly .

With this milestone project , Our office is in full swing in China , The representative also fulfilled his promise , Each participant was rewarded according to the degree of contribution .

Huawei's wolf nature , On this project , It is really reflected incisively and vividly .

In comparison , For a long time , Our employees are so used to making excuses for themselves .

The official account is slow. —— The content is not attractive enough , It costs money to push the land and find large-scale promotion .

Article reading continues to decline —— Aesthetic fatigue , After all, no one writes something that everyone likes .

Opportunities that could have been missed —— We are a small company , It's normal that people don't look at it .


Are for their own lazy and unwilling to make excuses .

And Lao Yang and I have repeatedly tolerated the untimely employees , It's also a breeding ground for excuses .

Now , I will directly assign the assignment to the official account of the internship. : Limited to one month , The new number has no input and opening traffic . Become a regular , Or leave . Please give me the result .

Selling is easier , If you can't sign your monthly salary order within a month , Please look for another job .

The so-called wolf sex , In fact, the core is no more than eight words : Goal oriented , Stop excuses .

this , It's called professionalism .

above , Since I started my business , A little way of thinking and reflection .

Profit is the core and even the only purpose of the company in the early stage . There can be human feelings and care , But it should never be above that .

What a boss really needs to do , The first is to maximize the survival of the company , Secondly, select the right fellow traveler , Give adequate material and spiritual rewards , And inspire them to create greater benefits for the company .

Think of many years ago , When I was a newcomer in the workplace , I 的人力总监River先生在谈到员工管理,曾说过一句话,我至今记忆犹新.他说,Be tough,in a soft




- The End -



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