And my computer for two days, Finally let metensorflow It's on my virtual machineubuntu upper, This process can't be described as hard, Too tired.(/ω\
). Next, I will write down the pit and filling process I met in these two days, If you need a partner, you can use it as a reference.
   Declare my operating system and software version in advance:
      Host operating system:Windows7 64 position
      Host computerpython Edition:32 position python3.6
      virtual machine:VMware workstation 14
      Client operating system:Ubuntu16.04.3
     Tensorflow:CPU Edition

aboutwindows Installation ontensorflow Pit

   Want to be inWindows Installation ontensorflow One of the problems we have to pay attention to is: Need64 Bitpython! Need64 Bitpython! Need64 Bitpython!
( Important things are to be repeated for 3 times) But I installed it on my systempython It was selected by default32 position, Because the code on the Internet32 Position as the mainstream. And when you don't know the problem, Directly on the command linepip You will be prompted that there is no corresponding version:Could
not find a version that satifies the requirement tensorflow(from version:) No
matchinn distribution found for tensorflow
And it seems to support only3.5 And above:

If installed64 It seems that you are likely to encounter other problems, And my host andAnaconda Chong Chong( Can install, But after three or four days, I broke myself, This problem has not been solved so far...), So all my computing packages are one by onepip
install Installed, If you unload it32 Bitpython, There will be a lot of work in the future, I want to use my virtual machine to buildLinux Operating system of, stayLinux Run uptensorflow Code.
   Be careful: I'm in a hole here, Because of tossingubuntu When there is a big hole, So I went back to see if I could install two3.6 Edition, Let them live together. Factual proof:python2.7
64 Bit sumpython3.6 32 Position can coexist harmoniously, But the two one.python3.6 I really can't get along with each other on my computer!o(╥﹏╥)o
   therefore, So far, I'm just using virtual machines, As for the dual system, But my computer is fragile, I'm afraid that if it's all broken by accident, I'll go back to the pre liberation period... So I chose the way of virtual machine.

aboutVMware workstation Upper and lower versionsubuntu Pit

   OK, First of all, I always have it on my computerVMware Virtual machine, It was installed about two years ago, It's still the old version10.0. And then install it.Ubuntu still13 Of, When I came in, the system prompted a question, But I didn't pay much attention:

And if you enterLinux terminal, Because I haven't dealt with anything beforepython Dependent, So we need to see the version, Update, etc. But it all went wrong.
     Check version and installationpip fail:
    Update failed, Neglect all the way, Error and unable to download:

   I've been looking for information on the Internet for a long time since these problems occurred, What to update network settings, I've tried to modify the Internet source, In the end, I compromised, I went to download the latestubuntu16.04. Be careful: If you have a similar problem with your computer, And it's a lower versionubuntu Words, No more drumming, Change the virtual machine version!
  VMware The version seems to be all right, But if not, just download the latest version, Please refer to this article for download version and secret key: <>
   MyVMware14 And the secret key are all entered in this one, Oh, yes.! If there is an earlier version ofVMware If you like, It's a direct upgrade.
  OK! It seems that I've talked about the two days' frustrations, Now I'll write down the whole installation process, And then highlight the problems that are easy to occur.

1. installVMware workstation

   Download the file according to the address in the above link, You can see the following files( No choice when downloading, It's all downloaded):
Then click the application to install it directly, Just choose your own path. The rest can be defaulted. It looks like this after installation and opening:

in addition, install14 Version time, Black screen may appear when playing virtual machine, Prompt the following questions:

At this time, you can pass
<> Solution, That's how mine works.

2. installubuntu virtual machine

   What we use this time isubuntu16.4 Edition, Download links:
   We choose64 Bit version, Download followed byISO Mirror file.
   And then we wereVMware Middle selection“ Create a new virtual machine”—— Choice“ custom”:
   Next, we can keep the default state directly, Just go to the next step:

Note the path here: First of all, it's better not to have Chinese in the path( It's been a long time since we installed the software, Chinese may encounter unexpected troubles!), And then I created two empty folders in an empty folder:system andROM, Choose this timeROM. Continue:

The processor core depends on your preferences and needs, I usually choose two cores,2 Processor.

Memory is also on demand, I chose.2G.

This network connection is also the default, ChoiceNAT, After that, we need to connect with the Internet.

Disk is the default20G. If you need more, you can choose by yourself.

Be careful: At this time, choose the one we just hadsystem Folder to save.

  OK! installation is complete, It's time we started~~
   Before power on, We need to do the following, That is to add the operating system.
   Browse and select the one you downloaded beforeISO file. You can turn it on after you confirm.
   Left side selection“ Simplified Chinese”, Then select the installation on the right.
   Choose both.
   The partition above is more important, Especially, do not choose the wrong mount point, The size of the space behind can be adjusted appropriately.
Be careful: There's a pit here, You can see that I'm finished zoning at this time, You don't see it when you want to move oncontinue 了, I've been wrestling with this for a long time, Finally found the source and solution of the problem on the Internet: Mainly because of computer resolution andVMware Different, The solution is to press and holdAlt At the same time, press and drag the left mouse button to see

   Be careful: Remember the password here, This password is required for power on and super permission use in the future.
   And then it was installed, wait for...

3. installVMware Tools

   By default, We can't copy and paste the files in the virtual machine and the files in the host directly, however, If inLinux It's a lot of trouble to download files or something, and it seems that the Internet speed is not fast, So we installedVMware
Tools To help us. The specific operation can be seen
This blog, That's what I did, And successfully installed, And it can be used..
   After settling in, We can download it on the hostAnaconda OfLinux Edition, Then drag it toubuntu On the table, Save us inLinux Download it again.

4.Anaconda Installation

   Get intoLinux After the system, Open terminal, We can take a look at the systempython Edition.ubuntu16 Bring along2.7 and3.5. Can passpython -V To view the version:
   We can update it at this time:
  sudo apt-get update Then enter the password, Waiting for updates. But there may be problems at this time:
In other words, Appearedapt Occupied, At this time, we can solve it through the following solutions.

That is, inputps -aux And find allapt process, Later usesudo kill PID( Four digit number) Proceed with process termination:

This time, just input the updated code above. Install laterpip:sudo apt-get install python-pip
   Will downloadAnaconda Copy toubuntu Desktop, Then switch directories at the terminal:cd desktop
   install: bash This is the name of the downloaded file)

   And then go all the wayyes That's all right. You will be prompted to add an environment variable, Alsoyes, But I did it over and over again3 All over, This step didn't let me choose, But directlyno, So it needs to be manually modified after the installation, And there's a hint on it. specific working means: Input at terminal
sudo gedit /etc/profile, openprofile file. Add statementexport
( This sentence is prompted above, It must be different from mine), Preservation, Sign out. Then you need to restart the terminal, Even restartubuntu. After reboot, Input at terminalconda
list You can seeanaconda Various packages installed, It also indicates that the environment variable is added successfully.
   Want to useanaconda You can directly inputspyder openSpyser. perhaps anaconda-navigator openAnaconda

4. installtensorflow

   Finally came to our goal——tensorflow. Open terminal, input:
  pip install tensorflow Then all the wayyes,enter that will do.
Can seenotebook Import intensorflow No problem, So it's a successful installation! Mission accomplished!!


   This question really tormented me for two days, During that time, the blog I opened to fill in the pit didn't100 individual, Also have98 individual. But to be honest, Although I stepped on the pit all the way, But when all the problems are solved, And find out why, At the end of the day, I'm really happy. Life is stepping on the pit, When a program needs to step on a hole! I hope the questions in this blog will be helpful to some white people like me, If there is any problem with my blog, please leave a message, Or email me~