How can a blog interact without comments, That's too boring, It's anti human. I've just learned a little fur recently, holdhexo Blog set up. So I want to toss the comment system. Check the current situation of the third-party comment system on the Internet: It's off, Netease cloud post8 month1 Number closed, Speak out for record,Disqus Wall by wall. Ha ha Da, So what's left? It took a lot of effort to search, I have selected several comment systems that I am satisfied with: Lai Bi Li(LiveRe),Valine,gitment. Let's talk about it in detail.

Lai Bi Li

How to play this? First of all, register your account <>
. I findhexo There are many accounts registered in the game! Log in and click the top right picture, Enter personal management page. Then add application information, Here are the pages that have been added successfully.

Laibing also has a comment reminder function, Humanization.

The most critical step, click“ Code management” finduid, Copy down.

Finally cameNext Theme configuration, modify_config.yml Mediumlivere_uid, Replicatinguid Paste can. And then deploy it,OK.

The page effect is as follows, Support multiple third-party account login, It looks very moving.

Tested, It doesn't seem to be very friendly, Send a comment and report it directly504 error(504 The mistake is( gateway timeout)
Server as gateway or proxy, But the request was not received from the upstream server in time.). Does the egg hurt?? I was wondering if I had a configuration problem, So I went to someone else'shexo Comments on Blog, The same mistake was reported, Finally, I tried my cell phone again, Can't comment, How can I play this, Send to the circle of friends, Can't comment, How to pretend?( Manual comic).

Silentlylivere_uid Configuration is empty.


Begin to toss aboutValine <>.Valine It's based onLeancloud Fast, Simple and efficient comment system without back end.


1, openLeancloud <>, After signing in, Enter personal page, Create application, Choose development versionOK.

2, After creation, Click the settings button at the top right of the application, Enter the settings page.

3, In applicationKey You can check it.App ID,App Key, For on pagenew Valine Use time.

4, In the security center, fill inWeb Secure domain name, as <>
, Prevent others from stealing your server resources.

5, In storage- Create in dataClass ‘Comment’, Database table for comments.

6, Go back toNext Theme configuration, modifyvaline Related configuration

After deployment, you can see the effect, Comments are finally working.


Finally, I'll tossgitment. Quote the author <> Words.

Gitment It is based on GitHub Issues
Comment system of. Support for direct introduction at the front end, No back-end code required. You can log in on the page, See, comment, Like and so on, At the same time, there are complete Markdown / GFM
And code highlighting support. Especially suitable for all kinds of GitHub Pages Static blog or project page for.

* register OAuth Application
Open registration page <> Completion of registration

After successful registration, you will getClient ID andClient Secret, Then start configurationNext

Deploy it and you'll see the effect.

If you want to show multiple comment systems, Layout needs to be changed, You can leave a message to discuss what you need to know.

Myhexo Little blog, Welcome to jab.! <>