Time past quickly. I've graduated in a flash2 Years. Looking back, two years is not long or short, Two years can do a lot of things, Two years can also make a person waste.

Looking back on the days when I was fighting in the school laboratory, I always felt happy and full, From useAltium designer
Schematic drawing to generationPCB, Reuse the heat transfer paperPCB Figure transfer to CCl, Method of using ferric chloride to oxidize copper clad laminate, We used this primitive method to do thisPCB Making of circuit board. What's fresh in my memory is the time for the school's electronic design competition, When I'm oxidizedPCB When the board is in good condition, I've found the birds crowing in the morning. I was holding a book《 Electronic design starts from scratch》 As a treasure, Watching it all day, I don't know that the most important thing in hardware design is hands-on ability, Only you did it, I'll have a deep understanding, Experience the truth. It's hard to avoid many detours. Gradually, I don't seem to have much interest in hardware, It's just a coincidenceLinux, At first, I thought the colorful text interface was really interesting, Many detours have been taken under self-study, fromredhat reachubuntu, Again fromUbuntu reachcentos, Again fromcent
os reachfedora almostLinux I learned the version of, Finally, when I learned threads and processes by myself, I began to feel some difficulty, And it happened that I was looking for a job, So mylinux
That's the end of the road to learning. Always think school is the best, Because what I want to do can be done according to my own interests, Completely undisturbed by other external factors, For example, money. People's opinions, etc.

After work, I became a project manager by chance, Hardware project manager!!! Always tell leaders that they want to learn some skills, The leader's answer is that the project manager can not understand the technology, Now more and more people think this sentence is unreasonable, Because when there are technical difficulties in the project, It is difficult to grasp the key points of the project and lead the project into a correct and reasonable direction. As project manager, Of course, at all costs to ensure the quality and timely delivery of the project, Provide customers with a satisfactory product. A project to write down155 Documents,35 Technical documents,120 Project process documents, It's a sea of documents. Sometimes I want to learn some skills, I can always grasp my own project, however, It always backfires, Having a heart but no strength. My project manager is responsible for presales, After sale, Technology as a whole, It's just too tired..

I always feel that my predecessors are no matter what, We should learn some techniques, It's also worthy of the title of young people. A project manager who does not stand at a certain technical level is not a good project manager, Maybe I said something absolutely, But now, with my experience, It's the feeling. therefore, Decided to pick up the technology again to learn, But it's a little confusing, It's time to learnARM, stillFPGA stillLinux, Because there are so many things to touch. So I made up my mind, Remain unchanged based on access to existing projects, Continue as project manager, Gradually distribute the technology in the project to yourself, Then use your spare time to learn the technology you are interested in. Wrote so much, Seems to have nothing to do with the project manager, Hope to have a partner with the same experience, We can encourage each other. Let's come on together.