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Old readers know that, I will send you some signed books every month, There's no other reason, I just want to give you some benefits, Want to give you the most affordable interaction.

18 For the first time in, These books are carefully selected by me from the library of Turing education and blog view, Some are new books, Special thanks to Turing education and blog viewpoint press.

Not much nonsense, The books for this lottery are:

These books are all of my own choosing, Sent out this time 40
book, Speak a little bit. Because you don't make a dime every time you send books, And sign it, Delivery is very troublesome, I tip the courier every time, therefore, Express fee needs to be paid by winning readers, I give you about a thousand gifts every year, I hope you understand.

You think this is over? after all 18 First book delivery in, So there are perks.

Last time GDD An assembly, actually Google Sent me a bunch of gifts, There are plenty of gifts, Yes Google Computer package, sound,T Shirt, Umbrella, Stickers, etc. Before some of them GDD
Lucky draw, Part of it went to my friends and planet ball friends, The rest of it, It's going to be delivered this time, therefore, Besides books, The following gifts will also be delivered along with you this time:

Google Postcard

 Google sound

Google Sticker

in addition, Some more GDG T Shirt, No pictures available, All in all, these are Google Official Souvenir, Absolutely not for sale, You can't afford it.

therefore, The total prize is 40 This signature book + Google Souvenirs( Probably in 20 Above piece, We have to go back and count it), It's the largest ever, Thank you, too
Google Dad's sponsorship.

As many readers have known before, My appreciation is usually closed, Usually you don't get a chance to appreciate good articles, But the appreciation will be open once a month, It's in the lottery, Every article of this month, Which one is a little enlightening to you, You can appreciate it. One time, I'm satisfied, As gratitude, In addition, I will give you a chance to draw.

Above prize, I'll take these lucky readers from the list of compliments, Give away all the prizes,Google Prize sent at random, Of course, At the same time point praise +
The chances of winning the review will be higher. Once a month, I also hope that my activities can make you really feel my sincerity, You can get involved, I will try my best to get more benefits for you in the future, Thank you for your recognition and support.

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