According to CCID, a market research organization,2018 AI market will break through in200 Billion yuan, More experts predict, This year will be the first year of artificial intelligence.

  China's AI market growth

Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi, once said:
“ Stand on the air outlet, Pigs can fly, too”, This popular saying, Expressed“ Follow the trend” Importance. Artificial intelligence as a disruptive technology, Is the target of capital pursuit, Tuyere and trend of the times.

Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi Technology

2017 YearAI Technology has gathered a lot of capital, Issued by the State Council《 Development plan of new generation artificial intelligence》 in, The scale of AI core industry is planned in2030 Over year1 Trillion yuan.

along with AI Technology penetration, More and more enterprises will have to pay attention to the changes brought about by AI, according to《 Overseas edition of people's daily》 report,2017 China's artificial intelligence talent gap exceeded500 ten thousand people.

The Internet age is changing rapidly, Move forward, or you'll fall behind, As the enterpriseAI The demand of technology is more and more urgent, Lack of talents is the biggest contradiction.

Right to the right place of the times—— Artificial intelligence, You need to understand these points.

Data mining and artificial intelligence

Big data is productivity, Data mining is the underlying logic of AI.

1. The relationship between data mining and artificial intelligence

Big data is the foundation of the development of modern artificial intelligence, Data mining based on big data is the underlying logic of AI, Data scientists with data mining skills are indispensable top talents in the field of artificial intelligence.

Data scientists generally master multiple skills, Data mining is just one of them. These capabilities are often not built behind closed doors, It is to accumulate experience in various practical projects.

Drew Conway Data scientist skills chart

2. Job demand

Positions in the field of data analysis are generally divided into three categories, Data Analyst, Data scientists and data engineers. There are different skills among the three, But the starting point is the same.

Data analysis related job skills introduction

The gap between different positions will be directly reflected in the salary, generally speaking, Data analyst about40 RMB 10000 annual salary, The annual salary of data scientists is80 Ten thousand starts. These are average data, Some Internet companies are trying to attract talents, Even paid millions or even tens of millions of a year.

Some positions of data scientist

Some channels of learning

The Internet world is open, Learning about data mining and artificial intelligence, You can always find many channels.

1. Read professional books

There are many professional books about artificial intelligence, Generally speaking, it is mainly in English. Different kinds of books have different evaluation in the industry, It's hard to avoid some obscure things after translation into Chinese. This kind of learning method is more suitable to have a certain professional foundation, People with a good command of English.


As a global online learning platform,Coursera There are also many specialized courses in the field of artificial intelligence, Course quality is very high. But these courses are usually taught in English, Need to buy, Better for English, Learners with certain economic strength.

PartCoursera Data science course

More ways to learn, The more difficult it is to choose. For the vast majority of learners, The most desired learning path is: Be able to give consideration to zero basic entry and deep content, Can learn the latest knowledge without language barrier, Gain theoretical knowledge and practical project experience.

look ahead, Only based on project actual combat《 One month special training class of practical data mining and artificial intelligence》, A team of famous teachers, Selected projects and reasonable curriculum, Meet these demanding conditions.

One, Famous teachers in North America, Bring the most cutting-edge knowledge

《 One month special training class of practical data mining and artificial intelligence》 All instructors of, They're all from the best in North AmericaData
Bootcamp Core team. The difference of industry development results in that the achievements of artificial intelligence in the United States are roughly two years ahead of those in China, Leading data team lecturer in North America, Shaping this professional and cutting-edge course.

1. Chen Xiaoli

Double degree from Peking University, And studied at the University of California for six years, focusing on Modeling and data analysis, There is no doubt about Chen Xiaoli's academic achievements.2017 year, He's also been read by the Los Angeles post(Los Angeles
Post) The United States30 Outstanding young Chinese Entrepreneurs(30 under 30). As a school of data application(DAL) Co founder of, Chen Xiaoli has many years of teaching experience in machine learning.

In this course, Chen Xiaoli will teach data mining knowledge and skills, Bring you the teaching quality of world-class famous schools. meanwhile, He'll finish it with youB The actual combat project of station barrage analysis, Lead you to discover the business value of AI.


David Ph.D. in physics, University of California, Riverside, Senior Data scientist in famous e-commerce enterprises in the United States.

adoptDavid Lectures, You will be able to fully understand“ In the world500 What is the experience of being a data scientist“. In the process of learning neural network and deep learning, You can also master the thinking mode of data science imperceptibly, Get the improvement of all aspects of ability.

3.Josh Zhao- DAL

Zhao It's a master's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California, School of data application(DAL) Co founder of, Used to be a senior engineer of Huawei, Ten years of experience in data engineering development and management, Long term work in the front line of development.

In this course“ Train your ownAI Game robot” Part,Josh Zhao We will make full use of our practical experience, Bring maximum efficiency to the students, The most practical AI application project.

4. Pengze

Pengze University of Alberta, Canada bachelor, Master of electronic engineering, Columbia University, USA, It is also a big data competition platform——Kaggle Winners of previous competitions, person“ Sprouting spirit”.

Long term mixed inKaggle, Peng Ze is a well deserved data analysis practitioner, In this course, He will also sum up his experience in the competition, And take you to the top.


Henry A Ph.D. in physics from the University of California, Also served as machine learning Engineer in the school of data application, Rich project experience.

The best lecturer group in history, It is composed of a group of lecturers with profound theoretical research and practical experience, Make this course the best choice for the introduction and mastery of artificial intelligence.

Two, Can learn without foundation, From entry to mastery

《 One month special training class of practical data mining and artificial intelligence》 From the bottom of AI—— Data starts, Data mining in artificial intelligence, Enable the trainees to realize the introduction and mastery of artificial intelligence in various practical projects.

1. From the beginning of software installation

This course starts from the most basic software installation,GitHub Sign up to start, And there's a basic introduction of statistical knowledge. In the actual project description, It will also be targeted! Analyze the corresponding professional knowledge.

therefore, Whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student, It's data. Statistics, Computer science or physics, Finance, Logistics Specialty, Can adapt to the lecture rhythm of this course, Open the door of data science.

2. Resolve course questions at any time

This course adopts the first live broadcast, Forms that can be looked back infinitely in the later period, Let the students lay down unfamiliar knowledge points at any time. Even if you don't understand it in class, Students can also ask questions to teachers in the interactive group. meanwhile, You can also find like-minded friends in the group to make progress together.

Although the course content of this special training class is not simple, But you're not learning one way, Not alone. Communication and interaction in learning groups, Can give you access to additional resources in addition to the course content.

3. Learning knowledge in practical projects

It is a course form based on project practice, It has more advantages than the way of general theory teaching. The advantages of learning in real life are, You will be able to learn more about the theory, At the same time, it can also obtain valuable practical operation ability.

meanwhile, The practical projects involved in this course are also very representative, Real estate included, Entertainment video, Games and other hot topics. In operation, You will have a new understanding of the use of AI in the market.

Three, Hands on practical projects

《 One month special training class of practical data mining and artificial intelligence》 Several representative AI projects are included:Airbnb First destination for new users,Bilibili Analysis of barrage public opinion, Train your ownAI Game robots, etc. In the explanation and practical operation of the project, You will gain the dual value of learning and business.

1. Learning value

In the process of drilling and explaining various practical projects, lecturers, Each knowledge point and difficulty involved in the project will be described pertinently. therefore, By operating the actual project, You can learn the knowledge needed for data mining, Master various professional skills.

Professional background and practical experience of lecturer group members, It will also guide you to develop efficient work habits, And cultivate the thinking mode of data science.

2. commercial value

There are always some differences between teaching in schools and actual operation in business society, Therefore, commercial value is selected in this course, Practical projects closely related to the market.

By drilling these projects, You will feel the application of data mining and artificial intelligence in real life and work, Provides you with a new perspective on the world, This will be very helpful for your future employment and Entrepreneurship.

With the improvement of industry level, Application of artificial intelligence in more and more industries, Once the time is right, Will replace80% Work position of, Ten million people will be out of work.

Technology development is unstoppable, We have to hold on to this wind, To be the forerunner of the times. By studying this course, You will be able to basically master data science thinking, And can independently complete certain data analysis tasks, Stepping into the industry threshold of artificial intelligence successfully.

Many people look back, Would say:

“ If only I had studied hard at that time”,

“ If only I had tried”


There is no regret medicine in the world,

hope20 Years later, you remember today, Would say:

“ Thanks to my wit,

Choose artificial intelligence at the crossroads of life!”

The chance of counter attack is in front of us, Become a data mining bull, From this course!





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