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I didn't really learn it after watching the video, More important is to do homework, Hands-on practice, discuss, Only in this way can we really master what we have learned. After watching StanfordCS231n Open class, Don't you think it's enough? Let's write the code with the abstract bacteria!

On deep learning and computer vision, Have to mentionImageNet And its creators, Associate Professor, Department of computer science, Stanford University,Google Cloud
Li Feifei, chief scientist of artificial intelligence and machine learning team. And her famous work, Stanford University Courses《 Deep learning and computer vision》 Since opening videos and assignments, It also benefits a group of people who are interested in computer visionIT Practitioner.

Let's take a look at an Internet recruitment platformIT Salary comparison with visual Algorithm Engineer:

And there are so many courses in deep learning and computer vision, Why do abstract bacteria recommend it?

First, This course is a classic course of computer vision, It's set up by Professor Li Feifei, a big guy from Stanford, a world famous university, Is it free to watch the study course!!!

Secondly, Reasonable arrangement of course content, From the shallower to the deeper. It mainly introduces deep learning( Especially convolutional neural network and its related framework) Application in the field of computer vision, The content covers the specific structure and training application details of various neural networks, And for large-scale image recognition, Object location, Object detection, Image style migration, Image understanding description and video content recognition. From a simplecifar10 Datasets and the simplestKNN Algorithm Introduction, Slowly introduce knowledge points related to deep learning. such asdropout,batchnormalization etc.. Finally, some classic examples of deep learning are introduced, such asRNNs,
LSTMs ,GAN etc..

Last, It's also a reason why the editor should emphasize, Chinese characters embedded in video course! You're right, Although mostIT Practitioners have basic English level, But to understand such a profound course, It still takes a lot of effort. And Chinese video not only needs high English level, More in-depth learning professional ability is needed.

Big data abstracts and pattern recognition Laboratory of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications have jointly completed this huge project!
Full time consuming6 Months( from2016 year9 month-2017 year2 month)! Thank you very much, Crazy fight for youcall.

The hard work of the staff of the subtitle localization team also paid off, Since the launch of the course, The number of plays in Netease cloud class has reached today77790 second, Course rating up to5 Star,5 Oh, oh!! Big data digest also reaps a large number of true love fans of the course, You are also looking forward to asking aboutCS224 What about the course?.

By the way, Are there any students who haven't had time to study this classic course? Poke the link below to learn!

Everyone's enthusiasm for learning is also very high, All kinds of wonderful notes:

It seems that there are a lot of big guys studying this course, If you think you're going to get started with machine vision after class, Then you are too simple. Do homework after class, You still need to type the code. But how to deal with difficulties in doing homework? What to do without reference to the answer?

Abstract bacteria heard everyone's voice, Also invited a group of front-line employees, Sacrifice rest time, Study course assignments by hand, And arranged the complete notes of the course assignment.

Note writer and proofreader's knowledge about each problem of the assignment, They all explained the relevant knowledge points. The content not only involves some knowledge in the course, There are also the experience of the front-line employees and the expansion of knowledge points. We can carry out practical operation for each topic, To deepen the understanding of each question.

For exampleassignment1 MediumQ2, Our volunteer students gave such detailed answers:

To help you finish your homework, Note writer and proofreader give complete code of each question as reference, And the code has detailed comments, Is it super?

How can I get such wonderful notes? Here is a link to the first issue of the assignment notes

Big data digest Netease cloud course column:

Big data digestCSDN Special column:

Big data digestGitHub Special column:

We will release all the work in batches according to the progress, Please keep your attention on big data digest.

Last, Let's thank the staff for this assignment, It's your selfless effort, Let more readers enjoy this achievement.

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