The suite is specially launched by alicloud for developers in the field of Internet of things , The purpose is to help developers build a secure and powerful data channel , Convenient terminal ( Such as sensor , Actuator , Embedded devices or smart appliances, etc ) Two way communication with cloud . Global multi node deployment enables massive devices to access Alibaba cloud safely and with low delay all over the world IoT
Hub, Provide multiple protections to ensure the security of equipment in the cloud , In terms of performance, it can support long connection of hundred million level devices and millions of message concurrency .

Alibaba cloud Internet of things suite provides one-stop hosting service , Users only need to web Collection can be realized by configuring rules on + calculation + Storage and other full stack services . No need to purchase server separately to deploy distributed architecture . Users only need to IoT
hub Provided SDK development , Large scale devices can be connected to the cloud , After access , Cloud can provide device management services .
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Let's use a picture to explain HiTSDB + IoT Kit .

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