OPC It's a cross brandPLC Communication mode of,OPC Compatible with many brandsPLC, At the same time, it provides a series of standard interfaces for software developers of upper computer. As long as the developers master this set of interfaces, Then you can follow anyPLC Communication.

    But because ofOPC Using Microsoft'sOLE technology(Object Link
Embedded), Its interface passesCOM Way to provide.COM Technology is a very complex technology of sharing components, Most programmers can't master this technology very well, In the actual development process, Or we can'tOPC Get communication, Or run the program for a while and it will crash. Is there any way to overcome these problems?

    The answer is to use the communication library developed by Da Shen:ButterflyOpcClient. This is a standardDLL library, SupportC# , VB ,VC,
LabView,Delphi,....  As long as the development platform callsDLL Functional, Can be used. The communication library encapsulates theOPC Communication function of server, link: Click to open the link

      Industrial control guys, hurry upget Get up. Enjoy the pleasure of communication success!