The fourth day of the month, Large chill.

Remember this time last year, Someone once said with a smile“ Next year's winter holiday and Spring Festival is the first real winter holiday and Spring Festival in 20 years”, Now I want to come. It's just like that.
With the coming of the new year,2017 In the end, the year of“ The year of my college entrance examination”. Experienced the hardest struggle in the second semester of senior three, Wanton summer vacation and after the first semester of college life, The first winter vacation is officially coming. And get rid of the college entrance examination, which can be said to have troubled us since childhood, As an adult, We have our first real holiday. What I feel and think, Natural difference.

Take this opportunity, Two or three books of self employment, Remember before and after, Self discipline.

One, Semester summary

The first half of freshman year is a special semester, It's the transition from high school to College. In this period, we have to experience the double great changes of learning habits and living habits. In learning, The acquisition of knowledge is no longer dominated by teachers' indoctrination, And it needs students to seek knowledge by themselves; In life, No one urges students to study, The intensity and length of learning depend on self-consciousness. It's said that the first semester of freshman year is the period of prototype, It seems that I can't get rid of vulgarity. Turn around to the end, High school is still out, How much advanced mathematics and professional knowledge do you have in mindx Numerical. All the good plans for the University during the summer vacation, Like exercise, Getting into a foreign language, Yitong failed to realize. To say why, Nature and laziness are inseparable. But I think in the final analysis, it's because of poor self-control. Addicted to mobile phones, Addicted to computers, Indulge in ease and pleasure. So the goal of next semester is to strengthen the cultivation of self-control, Don't let the plan go.

Two, Winter vacation plan

Make up examination for the beginning of school, Naturally, we should put the learning of high number first. Pass the textbook every day, Video and teaching guidance materials for the review of senior high school students in the last semester, And do appropriate exercises to consolidate, Strive to pass the supplementary examination at the beginning of school.

Secondly, The vacation needs to know what will happen next semesterC/C++ Learning content, Try to preview and learn, In order to face the busy study more calmly next semester.

Third, Exercise properly every day, Return weight to normal, Lay the foundation for next semester's physical test in advance.

Fourth, Learning a foreign language.

Above. Wish you a happy new year in advance. Direction of mind, Nothing is impossible..