win10 To configureMongoDB And visualization toolsRobo 3T

First gomongodb Official website <>
downloadMongoDB, What I download here is3.4 Versions, It's not the latest3.6, Because I have to pretendRobo
3T Visualization tools currently only supportMongoDB3.4.( You can also choose other visualization tools, I just like itRobo 3T)

After downloading, double-click install, staychoose setup type
Interface selectioncustom option, Change the installation path toC Packing directory, asC:\MongoDB\Server\3.4, Next, install by default.

Then createMongoDB Folder where data and log files are stored, I amD The root directory creates adata Folder, Again indata Create in folderdb andlog Folder

staylog Create a new text document in the folder Then name itmongo.log, Note that the suffix islog, Notxt.

Then inwindows Searching in searchcmd, And open as Administrator, Then go toMongoDB Installation path

Then input:

mongod --bind_ip --logpath D:\data\log\mongo.log --logappend --dbpath
D:\data\db --port 27017 --serviceName "MongoDB" --serviceDisplayName "MongoDB"

Carriage return operation, Pay attention herelogpath as well asdbpath Change to your own path

If there is no error prompt, Right click my computer again to open management, If you find it in the serviceMongoDB service, ExplainMongoDB Correct configuration.

In the browser URL bar, enter:localhost:27017, If the following information is output, ExplainMongoDB No problem with configuration.

Next installRobo 3T, Go to official website <> downloadRobo 3T, Then double click Install.

Open after installationRobo 3T, Select new connection

Then you can see it visuallyMongoDB Database.

thus,windows10 upperMongoDB as well asRobo 3T Just configure it.