It's going to be job hopping season again, Before that, I interviewed more than ten large Internet companies and got severalOffer, After the interview, I felt a lot, Decided to share the first-hand interview materials, Prepare you for similar problems in the future

My main direction now isJava Development is on the way of Architects, Share the problems with you, Also talk about how technical personnel can improve themselves with direction, Be targeted.

1, Baidu

Baidu met twice, Baidu nuomi and financial business department, At present, baidu only has the recruitment positions of these two departments to match me.

The interviews are all in Baidu's new headquarters in xi'erqi, The park is still under construction, It's far from the subway, Need a taxi.

Interviewer's own computer, The whole interview was recorded, First of all, I asked about the structure and work content of the latest work project in detail,

The interview mainly focuses on the components and middleware technology used in the work to expand, Inspection and mastery.

In algorithm aspect, a simple array local de duplication problem is investigated, It is realized by discarding the tail element of array.

Baidu finance's interview was arranged on Saturday, It should be expanded in various ways recently, Recruitment notices can be found everywhere on various recruitment websites.

One interview was great, Serious attitude, Some questions without thinking will prompt you, Good communication, They were told that they lacked financial payment background,

But as a new person who has worked for less than three years, I feel trapped.Pass The main reason should be the lack of working experience, Educational background is not very bright.

Interview questions:

The next point is Ali's interview

2. Alibaba

Ali's interview was arranged quickly, Two sides of this stop, Two rounds of interviews are on the phone. Listen to my friend Ali's five rounds of interview, Four round TechnologyHR, Technical interview is a cross interview of several colleagues in the Department, I got to know.

On the one hand, the overall project architecture,Java Basics,JVM, Concurrent programming, Database operations, Middleware technology andDubbo Service governance framework, etc,

Maybe it's the cloud security department, Half the timeJVM, I also asked some questions about compiler optimization,

Soon after the end of one side, two sides were arranged, Opposite side, More in-depth two-sided problems, The questions are more thorough, Pay more attention to the understanding and grasp of some technical details.

For example, database operation, The interviewer will ask you in detail how the process of inserting and deleting a piece of data in the database is performed at the bottom, The project is configured with read-write separation, It will also discuss the implementation method and underlying logic in depth.

Some questions worth recording:

At present, the social recruitment in Hangzhou isP6 rise, There is a gap between self perception and post requirements, I talked to the interviewer on the phone, No more interviews.

The two interview, Ali made a good impression on me, Interviewers are big bulls, Day after the interview, Received Ali's email rejection letter, Give the thumbs-up.

Most of Ali's positions are in Hangzhou, At the end of the interview, I paid special attention to the cost of living there, At present, the average price of houses in Hangzhou is less than 20000, Compared with the housing prices in some counties and cities in Zhejiang Province, they are less than 20000 yuan, House prices in Hangzhou should be more normal.

If you get the high salary of several Internet companies such as Alibaba and Netease, It's a lot easier to buy a house and live in Beijing, Decide to settle down again for a while, Two years laterP7 Rewar.

3. Youku potatoes

4. Sohu news

5.58 Go to market

I have recorded the answers to the above questions into a small video Can add groups if necessary:561614305 Free collection

Since it's social recruitment, Certain working experience is necessary, Over three years best, The top onesJD It also shows.

Then there's the technology, Combined with my own experience, Summarize the following points:

1. Basic knowledge must be solid, Including language foundation, Fundamentals of computer, Algorithms and basicLinux Operation and maintenance

2. Design pattern, The ability to make wheels, Various cache and database applications, cache, Middleware Technology, Design of distributed system with high concurrency and high availability

3. Soft index, Including quick learning, Good communication skills, And understanding of relevant industries

In the face of so many technical points, I have organized a learning outline for you at the same time, I hope we can make progress together and become architects as soon as possible;

At the same time, friends who want to get interview answers and want to learn to communicateHashMap,nginx,dubbo,Spring
MVC, Distributed, High performance and high availability,redis,jvm, Multithreading,netty,kafka, Additive group:561614305