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Programming language ranking affects every programmer's heart,12 monthTIOBE Published the latest programming language ranking data, The top three areJava,C,C++,Java Still on top, Strength should not be underestimated.

12 Monthly programming language ranking

Ranking change of mainstream programming languages

Compared with last month, The top three have not changed,Java Market share has been improved again;SWift experience11 After the fall of the month,12 Monthly ranking rebounded, From the first20 Name goes up to11 name, Continued recovery remains weak,1 Whether the recovery trend can be maintained in the month, It's magical to see ; Look again.php, Ranking is very anxious, From the first day of October8 One down to No9, A steady downward trend, Minutes before the fall10 Possibility!
Top 10 Programing language TIOBE Index trend(2002-2017)

We can see from the trend chart, Lately10 yearJava Steady performance with progress, Continue to occupy the first place in the ranking; from2015 Began to be impacted by Internet programming language, Basic computer languagec Language diving, But it's still in the top three, It can be seen that large programming languages are facing“ Small language” Impact time, Very stable performance.
Ranking of other programming languages
The first 21-50 The name is as follows, Possible omissions:

Historical ranking (1987-2017)
notes:  The following ranking depends on 12 Months average.

Programming language community ranking is an indicator of the popular trend of programming languages, Monthly update, This ranking is based on experienced programmers on the Internet, Number of courses and third-party vendors. Ranking using famous search engines( such as
Google,MSN,Yahoo!Wikipedia,YouTube as well as Baidu
etc.) Calculate. Please note that this ranking only reflects the popularity of a programming language, It doesn't mean a programming language is good or not, Or how much code a language writes.

This ranking can be used to check whether your programming skills are up to date, It can also be used as a basis for language selection when developing a new system.

notes: Reference for this information:TIOBE Published data

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