Today's era, The Internet is everywhere in our life, We're going through human history“ information revolution”, However, with every human revolution, it will have a certain impact on the development of human society and economy.

1. Advantages of the Internet

Timely access to relevant information.

The 21st century belongs to the era of computer and Internet, With the development of the times and society, The Internet is playing a more and more important role in people's life, People also have a variety of tools for using the Internet, Including mobile terminal,PC End, etc. People can get the relevant knowledge and information they need anywhere, anytime, anywhere with the Internet, For example, students can use the Internet to acquire more extensive extracurricular knowledge, Expand your vision; Office workers can use a mouse to get what they need, A panoramic view of the world.

Can enrich people's spare time life

With the gradual prosperity of people's material life, People's pursuit of the spiritual world is becoming more and more important, Then this time, The Internet, a living thing, plays a very important role, for example, The development of Internet leads to the decline of paper media, With the rise of electronic media, People can use mobile phones andPC Read online, Enrich people's spiritual world anytime and anywhere, People can also use the Internet to watch videos, Listen to the music, Play a game, Wait, relax people, Let people develop in all aspects.

Can promote people's personalized development

The major dating and chatting websites have become the eye-catching Pearl, It can be said that people can't live without them all the time, People of all ages use different social and chat tools, Including WeChat,QQ, micro-blog, Blog, etc. People can express their opinions anytime, anywhere and write something on it, Including your daily life, Travel? Novels and so on, In this way, you can exercise your writing, Photography, Can also promote development, Build self-confidence.

Can promote economic development

“ Internet+” It's a theme that all major Internet companies are pursuing,2015 year10 month29 day, Pointed out at the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Committee: To implement“ Internet+ Of” Action plan for, To develop a sharing economy,“ Internet+” Medium+ All walks of life in traditional industries, The Internet economy is to combine traditional industries with the Internet, Take advantage of the Internet, Forming Internet Finance, Internet medicine, Internet Education, Internet agriculture and other new industries.

2. Disadvantages of the Internet

It will do harm to people's privacy

The Internet is like a double-edged sword, It will bring convenience and comfort to people, at the same time, it will have some adverse effects on people's life and all aspects.

nowadays, High development of Internet, All aspects of people are closely related to the Internet, just because of this, That's what makes some networks“ Killer” Using these things to steal people's privacy, for example, People use online payment tools to buy things they need online, And people's bank card numbers and so on will be bound to it, such, Illegal elements will use some network loopholes to intercept accounts, passwords, etc, It will do harm to people's privacy.

It will have adverse effects on the physical and mental health of teenagers

Improper or excessive use of the Internet will have an impact on people's health.

Nowadays, online games are highly developed, And some teenagers are just the main force of online games, Teenagers are in an important period of developing their outlook on life and values, Poor control, So if it's not well controlled, Will be addicted to it, Adverse effects on physical and academic performance.

If people can reasonably use the Internet, Then the Internet can still bring a lot of benefits to people's life.